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How to Find a Life Partner Online?. why-do-ukrainian-ladies-search-for-love-online-5BB.jpg

Can You Find a "Life Partner" on the Web? Psychologists About the Rules for a Successful Search

 Let's talk about what to pay attention to and what profiles shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • According to experts, it is best to start your presentation with a photo. It is advisable to upload at least three successful pictures. The first is a portrait with a benevolent facial expression. On the second, you can show yourself in full growth, and on the third, you can share live emotions in real life, be it a walk with a dog or a vacation in the mountains. It is advisable to choose a positively charged photograph that would appeal to you and your friends. If you are looking for a serious relationship, in no case should you post candid photos or pictures in a swimsuit. There will be many offers, but they will hardly suit you. Those who limit themselves to one photo may go unnoticed. Men should also post their successful pictures, but those that show that he is socially active, full of energy, and in demand in their environment. For example, in the gym, driving. The more exotic ones are also suitable: on horseback or in the desert. It will show you as a versatile and socially active person. Psychologists note that appearance is not so important for men, the main thing is activity and success.
  • So, the photos are ready. What to write about yourself in a profile? Psychologists advise against writing your full biography and plans for the future. A few bright phrases are enough and it is best to do it with humor. Girls might write something like "I love traveling, driving, and baking pancakes." You should not write in detail about yourself — otherwise, your chosen one or chosen one may decide that you are a bore. Experts advise leaving the details to a closer acquaintance. At this stage, it is enough for the person on the other side of the screen to want to get to know you better.
  • Looking through other people's profiles, we must not forget that on the Internet people embellish themselves, starting with photos and ending with opportunities. A huge number of people take wishful thinking. After some time, the distance is reduced and the person "becomes" yourself. With someone, you need to reduce the distance in order to know the person closer. And with someone, you never need to reduce it, because as long as the distance is maintained, a person appears as he wants to show himself. Listen to your intuition - all your experience and a realistic assessment are there.

​On dating sites, the opportunity to build relationships increases significantly. The number of swindlers and lost illusions is also increasing on the network. Nevertheless, this is a huge space of possibilities.

How to Сhoose Life Partner?

  Both women and men who want to build a serious relationship, in the column "purpose of dating" must necessarily write "love, relationships, family and marriage." Psychologists note that children are an important point - subsequently, due to different views on this issue, the couple may part. You can write briefly about the qualities of the desired partner. Men who want to get a lot of feedback are advised by psychologists to write that they are looking for a woman who will be respected and taken care of.

What to pay attention to?

  When the profile is ready, you can go to the online field. And here it is important not to miss some "talking" nuances. You can learn a lot about a person just by carefully reviewing a profile. For example, if a woman writes that she is looking for a self-sufficient, successful man, she is looking a person who will support her. If a man writes that he is looking for a "just normal" woman who will take care of him, this may mean that he considers all his exes to be abnormal. And sooner or later will say the same about the next one. 

Psychologists advise such sites to talk about yourself as honestly as possible. "Sometimes people who are not completely confident in themselves in real life go online. Instead of developing itself as a person, it easier presents an unreal image. And in the final, destruction occurs when two people meet and do not meet each other"s expectations at all. 

Choose actively

  Psychologists advise not only to reply to incoming messages but to look at the profiles on their own. The fact is that many users who are busy and rarely visit the site may not be the first to write.

Persons interested in you can write something about his photographs or somehow comment on the story about yourself. If, for example, he or she writes that he wants to jump with a parachute, you can write that you have already jumped, but you will not risk repeating this trick. If you liked the photo of the chosen one or the chosen one, but nothing is indicated in the profile, you can directly ask who they are looking for on this site. The very presence on the site is already something in common that can unite. Psychologists advise keeping light and polite correspondence. 

An unpleasant conversation is not a reason to delete your account

  It is possible that some users can write something offensive to you, or be rude. This should never be taken personally. For example, if a man writes to a girl something negative about her appearance, this speaks primarily of his complex and insolvency. Especially often such negative reviews are received by girls who declare that they are looking for successful young people. A failed man can write something like: "What such low an appearance and such requests." But in fact, he shows his inner complexes - perhaps once some woman reproached him for insolvency, etc.

Such people just need to be blacklisted right away.

Why do Ukrainian Ladies Search for a Life Partner Online?

Job opportunities abroad

Many Ukrainian ladies, as well as men, have been traveling to work abroad for many years. They had several job perspectives available: working as an Au-pair in a foreign family (an option which usually very young people are able to choose), working at some factory/plant, or as an assistant in social service. All these opportunities imply working manually for many hours each day for the whole duration of the job contract. The schedule is usually tough and the work is tiresome. Therefore, a person has no time for relaxation and getting to know a foreign culture. It is true that the work is quite rewarding in comparison with Ukrainian salaries. Though, no possibility to search for a potential husband in everyday life is left for Ukrainian ladies who work so hard.

New Rules

Many private establishments in Ukraine provided services for searching for different jobs and helping with the visa application process for the last few years. When the visa-free regime was implemented all the old procedures became obsolete. Most applicants who tried to go abroad with a work contract got refused by the embassies. They now have to wait for the new possible date and conditions to apply. As you can see, the newly invented rules narrow the number of people able to go abroad. As for the tourists – the number of them hasn’t increased significantly as most of the people do not have a biometric passport. Long queues made it impossible for most people to get a new passport this year.

How to Find a Life Partner Online

Experienced travelers

Let’s have a look at those who do have an opportunity to travel abroad much. It is not a secret that European prices for dwelling as well as for the flight tickets are high for an average Ukrainian lady. So, every chance to go abroad is dictated by the ultimate goal to have a good rest after the whole year of working to achieve this opportunity. Generally speaking, those Ukrainian ladies who do have the possibility to go abroad are either not concentrated on their search for a potential life partner or have no wish for it. You will ask why aren’t they interested? Because those ladies who travel a lot already have a profitable business of their own or a person who sponsors these trips. So, they are in serious relationships in most cases.

Searching for a Life Partner Online

I wish to show you that the only possibility for an average Ukrainian single lady to find a partner abroad is searching on dating sites and in matchmaking agencies. These spare ladies ’ time and give maximum chances to find a life partner. Moreover, the agency can provide a possibility to use technical appliances such as a notebook, web camera, good internet connection, and service of the interpreter. As for those men who ask why Ukrainian ladies are often online – this is to increase the chances to be noticed so men can chat with girls. No wonder that the ladies who are active on the site get maximum attention from men. So, Ukrainian girls try to stay online even while being at work and take a chance to drop you a line when they have a break.

Find a life partner with

I would say that the efforts that Ukrainian ladies make to find their love are worth admiration. If sometimes they don’t have a possibility to stay in a chat for long hours or do not respond to your letter the same day, do not take it as an offense or lack of interest. Most Ukrainian women have 2 jobs, parents and hobbies (as you do), and sometimes also small kids. They are indeed remarkably different from all the others. And they truly want to create a family, as this is the ultimate goal in the life of Ukrainian pretty ladies. Be sure that they are worth your attention and effort. And if you wish to find the right lady, take a look at our recommendations.

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How to Find a Life Partner Online


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