Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship. long-distance-relationship-n75.jpg

Quite often couples are forced to develop relationships at a distance. But sooner or later, each couple questions whether distance relationship is possible. It is especially topical in case when you wish to create a family with a Ukrainian lady. Of course, modern informational technologies help a lot to the couples living apart. I will tell you how to make such relationship work.

Features of distance relationships

Some people get acquainted at a distance and maintain a relationship with the help of virtual communication. Others are forced to live far apart, for instance if the work involves frequent business trips. At this point, communication at a distance acquires much significance. The main feature of relationships at a distance is that people do not have physical contact. From this point all the positive and negative sides of this kind of relationship follow.

Disadvantages of distance relationships

Lack of physical contact. Larger part of information about the surrounding world is derived from non-verbal means like facial expressions, hand gestures and touches. When you are far away, all this is inaccessible. Lack of intimacy is a core problem of such communication type.

Jealousy. When people stay apart for a long time, they can often feel jealousy. Especially if one of the partners gives reasons for this. In distance relationships people can not completely control the behavior of another person. Quite often this can lead to a rupture.

Lack of non-verbal communication. Not everybody can express their feelings verbally. For many one must look into the person's eyes, hold hands. Often because of this, there may arise more mutual connection. Even communication with video fails to provide this.

Advantages of distance relationships

No influence of routine. Household routine often breaks love. If a man is at a distance, then his dirty socks lying under the armchair will not irritate his lady. She simply will not know about them)) And during rare meetings lovers as a rule do not pay attention to household trivia.

The ability to preserve individuality. When people live side by side for a long time, they begin to dissolve into each other, strongly influence each other. If people see less often, then they have the opportunity to preserve their individuality.

How to keep the relationship

Keep a sense of community. When communicating at a distance with a Ukrainian lady use personal buzzwords. Revising what you have in common, making plans for the future may retain the feeling of unity.

Think of an image of your beloved. Revise photos of each other in social networks. Remember how the partner's hair smells or how soft his hands are. This helps to compensate for the lack of physical contact.

Communicate a lot. Try to use all available types of interaction. Talk as often as possible about trifles, about your feelings, funny cases. Thus, the connection between you and Ukrainian woman will not be interrupted.

In conclusion

It can be concluded that long distance relationship are possible, but they should still be supported by real communication. A purely virtual relationship, as a rule, bothers. A person begins to look for a match somewhere closer. Therefore, if Ukrainian lady you correspond with is really dear to you, I suggest you to give preference to communication in real life.

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