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Why do Ukrainian women search for men abroad?

Why do Ukrainian women search for men abroad?. why-ukrainian-women-search-men-abroad-4Zb.jpg

It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian ladies are charming and beautiful, attractive and friendly, caring, and family-oriented. They make remarkable mothers and wonderful life-partners. So, why are these women looking for the creation of a family with a partner from another country?

We made a list of top 5 reasons why do Ukrainian women looking for men abroad

1. Bad experience with Ukrainian men

Quite rarely the first relationship ends up with a wedding. Having had a bad experience in her girlhood a lady may easily get disappointed in men. Obviously, this disappointment relates to compatriots in general. Therefore, the lady starts thinking that foreigners are different and turns to a dating bureau in her search for love.

2. A limited number of single men

Statistics say that there are fewer males than females in Ukraine. Their number correlates at 46% and 54% respectively. This means that for every 30 women at the age of 30 there are only 5-6 men. If we talk about 40-years-old ladies, the number of men is 11-12. Knowing this fact and observing its consequences in schools, universities, and places of work (with minimal exclusions) Ukraine ladies opt for searching serious men abroad.

3. Escapism

Life in Ukraine is no bed of roses for already 26 years of its independence. Unwise rulers, war conflict and economical decrease make all get depressed because of life conditions. Ukraine is an underdeveloped country in comparison to any other European state. Ukraine girls understand well that there is no cloudless future for them at home. Therefore, they try yo escape difficulties and improve life quality by searching for love abroad.

4. Following the example of friends

The effect of a friend’s life example is strong. If a lady knows anybody who has found happiness outside the country, the logic tells that this can be quite a chance.

5. TV shows

American movies and TV shows are shown all over Ukraine and much more popular than those created in former USSR countries. Lots of TV programs these days are devoted to match search. They look like fairy tales becoming live. Young ladies watch “Bachelor”, “Let’s be together” shows promoting handsome, well-off, kind, and intelligent foreigners that choose their significant other among a group of aspirants. The ladies searching for husbands see that they have all the chances to achieve this too.

Women looking for men

In conclusion

No matter what pushes Ukrainian girls to leave the country and search for love abroad. There is nothing bad in these reasons either. Ladies do not literally search for a way to escape. Instead, they change their potential future when searching for love in places off the beaten track. The final goal is common — to love and to be loved. That’s the way Slavic women live.

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