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About myself
Regarding my character and inner world, I would describe myself as empathetic, responsible, fair, with a sense of humor, positive, inquisitive, and kind lady. Empathy is a quality that I hold in high regard. I strive to understand and share the feelings of others. Responsibility is essential to me, both in my personal and professional life. A sense of humor is a vital aspect of my personality. I appreciate the lighter side of life and find joy in sharing laughter with those around me;) I have a genuine curiosity about the world and a desire to continually learn and grow. I believe in treating others with compassion and generosity.
About him
In a man, I find several qualities important to me. Besides being responsible, thinking, wise, generous, and having a sense of humor, I value qualities that contribute to a well-rounded and meaningful connection. I appreciate a man who is interesting, who can be engaging conversations on a variety of topics. Romantic gestures hold a special place for me. A man who expresses affection through thoughtfulness and romance) Furthermore, a man's generosity, the first it is about kindness and understanding. In essence, a combination of responsibility, wisdom, generosity, humor, interesting personality, neatness, and a touch of romance are qualities that I find important in a man.