Why are many Ukrainian ladies single?

Why are many Ukrainian ladies single?. why-many-ukrainian-ladies-are-single-GTd.jpg

Ukraine is a wonderful country with rich natural resources and great historical background. This country keeps many different treasures. Do you know that Ukrainian women are one of them? Men all over the world value these ladies for their outer beauty and remarkable inner qualities. They also make great life partners. So, why are most of them single? Why they are not with men from Ukraine? I will provide you with some versions explaining this fact.

1. Country population

The statistics says that the amount of ladies in Ukraine is twice as large as the number of men of the same age category. Moreover many men after 40 prefer to stay bachelors. So, a simple lack of potential partners made the ladies search for husbands abroad.

2. Ukrainian men’s mentality

Unfortunately, thousands of beautiful and housewifely ladies in the country made men picky and exacting. Ukrainian men are mostly not family-oriented. They don’t want to take the responsibility for another person in their life. They prefer to have short-lasting relationship with no intention to build a family.

3. Job market forces men to leave

A wast number of men over 20 choose a career of sea-men or IT specialists as very perspective and demanded ones. Since the salary is much higher abroad they often tend to leave the country. Ukrainian companies just cannot suggest competitive work conditions and loose the specialists.

4. Unstable political situation

It is no secret that Ukrainian government has made several reckless decisions that led to unpleasant consequences. Many men are afraid of political unrest in the country and left the country in 2015 when the war conflict on the East began.

5. Lack of time for search

Ukrainian ladies have many things that they cope with in their everyday life. They work, keep fit, raise kids, run the house and visit their relatives. They still hope that one day they will meet their one and only... But the fact that all the men in the country are either already in relationships or experience the side effect of the things mentioned above is distressing.

In conclusion

Ukrainian ladies do not have many possibilities to spend time searching. That is why they often choose to search for men online. They hope to find a person of a different mentality and with strong family values. A person who will be an equal and supportive partner for them. They look for a man who will be happy to come after a hard working day into a cozy house they created for him :)

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