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Single Women. Why are Many Ukrainian Ladies Single?. why-are-many-ukrainian-ladies-single-zs8.jpg

Ukraine is a wonderful country with rich natural resources and a great historical background. This country keeps many different treasures. Do you know that Ukrainian girls are one of them?

In the Article "Single Women — Why are so Many Ukrainian Ladies Single?"

  Ukrainian girls are the best in the world and there is a lot of evidence for this in fact. First of all, only Ukrainian women know how to emphasize their beauty in a special way. However, Ukrainian girls are not only beautiful but also wonderful housewives. Many famous writers described the beauty and intelligence of Ukrainian women.

  Men all over the world value Ukrainian women for their outer beauty and remarkable inner qualities. They also make great life partners. So, why are most Slavic Women single? Why Ukrainian Ladies are not with men from Ukraine and in Ukrainian Dating online? I will provide you with some versions explaining this fact. 

   On January 1, 2019, 41.9 million people were constantly living in Ukraine.
The urban population is 29.01 million people — 69.1% of the total population. The rural population is 12.9 million people, reports the State Statistics Service. The total number of women is 53.7% or 22.5 million people. Men - 46.3%, or 19.4 million people. So the first reason is obvious — the number of men is significantly behind.


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So Why are Many Ukrainian Ladies Single?

    Besides the fact that the number of ladies in Ukraine is 2,7 million more than the number of men (according to data of 2019), there are also some other reasons for Ukraine being a bride’s paradise.

  •  1️⃣  Firstly, Ukrainian ladies are very family-oriented, they believe being married is a measure of their success in life. Single Ukrainian ladies, like other Slavic singles, suffer from the fact of being lonely for a long time and they want to change that status the sooner the better. So dating sites do not have a lack of single Slavic ladies. The men in Ukraine have opposite feelings, marriage or long-lasting relationships always need much effort, responsibility, and finances. Very often the man is not able to provide for his family and kids and prefers to leave to avoid stress and difficulties. The reason for such attitude might be hidden in the education and family outlook of the Soviet period and its heritage, when the importance of family life, responsible parenthood, and the ability to provide for the family was neglected.
  • 2️⃣  Secondly, Ukrainian ladies are sincere and respect themselves. Yes, happy family life is important for them. However, they will not stay informal relationships just to wear a ring on their finger and show everybody they are married. If their partner doesn’t behave in a decent way, and communication in the couple turned into a destructive way, Ukrainian ladies have no fear to stop such marriage and be back on “a wedding market” even with the number of kids they take care of.
  • 3️⃣ Thirdly, single Ukrainian ladies, have a traditional view on family life (when the man is the “head” of the family) and very strong feminine energy. Thanks to that, Ukrainian ladies can achieve outstanding results in their social life and also can do anything in their life for kids and for their families. When it comes to the search for the proper partner, subconsciously, they are looking for the man who will match that strong energy. And western men who have more life opportunities seem to be stronger than their Ukrainian mates. 

No wonder you can see so many splendid single Ukrainian beauties of different ages on the pages of our site;)

Single Slavic Ladies

    Any single Slavic girl wants to find a good husband and father for her future children.
For example, if you ask a Ukrainian woman to describe the qualities of her desired partner, that list will include such items as:

  • a faithful and caring husband;
  • caring father;
  • responsible man;
  • a person that avoids conflict;
  • gentle lover

But in an unequal position, in reality, men have more privileges. There are many men in Ukraine who say they are happy in marriage, love their wife and children, and at the same time have a mistress, and even several. This comes from self-doubt not only sexually, but also in a career, and also depends on upbringing.

    Many foreigners are sure that in Ukraine it will be easier to find a girl or wife: Ukrainian ladies are more accommodating and want to marry foreigners, and there are reasons for it. During the discussion, Ukrainian women telling that they prefer foreigners because they are more attentive, responsible, often more interested in their opinion, do not drink as much as Ukrainian men. Foreigners treat a woman as a partner and help raise children. Many Ukrainians do not believe that a Ukrainian husband can understand their problems or be faithful.

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Single Ukrainian Ladies — Lack of Time for Search

    Ukrainian ladies have many things that they cope with in everyday life. They work, keep fit, raise kids, run the house, and visit their relatives. They still hope that one day they will meet their one and only... But the fact that all the men in the country are either already in relationships or experience the side effect of the things mentioned above is distressing. So do not waste time and talk to our pretty girls, brunette girls, blond girls, girls with long hair, Kyiv girls, Odesa girls, Nikolaev girls, Kherson, Poltava, Dnipro, Kharkiv. On our dating site, you can meet gorgeous 30yo ladies, 35 yo women, 40, 50 etc.

How to Meet Ukrainian Single Woman

    If you set a goal, then finding Ukrainian Singles in today's world is not so difficult. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Read a few tips on how to meet a Ukrainian girl, attract her attention and interest.
We offer a selection of effective ways of dating on the Internet, on the street, and in cafes.

How to Overcome Shyness

Shyness will not pass by itself, it must be got rid of. To do this, use the following recommendations:

  • ✅  Find a hobby that involves group classes. For example, dance or yoga lessons, theater studio or volunteering, etc. Choose what is closest to your interests so that you can communicate a lot with people of both sexes.
  • ✅  Practice virtual communication. Communicating with the opposite sex on social media is easier than having a real conversation. This will help to develop a number of skills: find topics for conversation, make compliments, etc. It will be easier if you first choose interlocutors whom you do not consider as potential partners. The key goal is to maintain communication for a long time.
  • ✅  Get out of your comfort zone. It is important to take steps that will initially cause inconvenience, but over time they will help to feel the pleasure of communicating with people. For example, approach a stranger and ask for directions or compliment a girl in an elevator. Make it a rule to actively communicate with others.
  • ✅  Keep a diary every day to celebrate your successes.

"The main thing is to be self-confident"
It is important to show self-confidence while dating a Ukrainian woman. Nonverbal cues in real life can help. So try to remember open postures, stable eye contact, and so on. All this will help to gain the affection of a stranger. When a person is confident, it is felt. Girls like confident guys, they feel safe, defended, secure with them. It seems to them that the presence of such a person solves all problems. Self-confidence can be nurtured. First of all, stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others. Remember that you are so alone, so you are already unique, love yourself. Change some details of your image, then self-esteem will increase, and behind it confidence.

How to Meet Single Women Online

Nowadays, many people meet on the Internet, this is a great way in a total lack of time. According to sociologists, ⅓ of married couples who have been married in recent decades have met through the Internet.


Single women
So, here are some effective ways to meet a girl online:

  • ✅  Choose groups, publics by interests. You can meet right there or contact the girl in private.
  • ✅  Leave comments on the page of your favorite girl. This is more effective than swearing.
  • ✅  Write a private message to the girl on social networks. At the same time, try to write competently and avoid extremes.
  • ✅  Use dating websites. For example, like Here it is important to pay attention to filling out the profile.
  • ✅  Find online groups that organize "quick dates" in your city and take part.

In any case, avoid trivial things. To get acquainted, use the information provided in the girl"s profile or on her page, choose an unusual topic for conversation. 

How to Meet a Single Women on a Street

    While dating in real life, it almost always happens unexpectedly. Therefore, be careful, polite and do not violate the personal boundaries of the girl, otherwise, she will just be scared.

Here are some ways to meet a girl on the street:

  • ⏩  Ask a standard street question about direction. That's what most people do because it's still quite effective. After all, the Ukrainian girl will have to stop and start explaining. The problem is that when your question is answered, the rules of social ethics require you to bow and disperse. But you can solve the problem like this: guess in which direction the girl is going and try to walk with. When you are on the road, then let it lead you to the place you were looking for. In a couple of minutes, you can already like and arrange a meeting.
  • ⏩  Ask for help. For example, ask for help to find a neighbor's cat or lost glasses, borrow a lighter, etc.
  • ⏩  Pretend you're already acquainted. You need to approach the girl confidently, smiling kindly, and say, "Oh, hello!" The girl will start thinking about where you know each other. Here the main thing is to continue boldly: "What are you doing here? Aren't you going there? Let me take you ... By the way, did you hear what happen ...?" And do not be afraid of exposure, you just saw somewhere and even chatted. You remember her eyes well because it's impossible to forget.
  • ⏩  Help with something. A polite stranger who offers a girl to bring a suitcase or show the way is sympathetic (often). But it should not be imposed.
  • ⏩  Make a compliment and try to start a conversation.


how to meet a single women on the street or a park

How to Meet a Single Girl in a Cafe

    If a girl is busy eating, is in the company of friends, or is not focused on communication, it will be difficult to meet. So first pay attention to the non-verbal signs that she is in no hurry and ready to communicate:

  • sits and looks out the window;
  • smiling;
  • carefully considers the environment;
  • looks friendly and calm.

Ways to Meet Single Women in a Cafe:

  • ✌ Just sit down at her table and offer to treat her to coffee.
  • ✌ Start the conversation with a joke, a compliment.
  • ✌ Ask the girl for advice on which dessert to choose, salad.
  • ✌ Order a song for her if you are in a cafe with live music.
  • ✌ Invite a girl to the dance.
  • ✌ Pass the compliment with the help of a waiter (for example, on a napkin or a sheet from a notebook). In this way, you can invite a girl on a date, writing something like: "I'll be waiting for you here tomorrow at the same time at your table."
  • ✌ Give the girl champagne, cocktail, or dessert. Girls appreciate the generosity.​



How Can I Marry a Single Woman in Ukraine?

If you are in love and want to marry your Ukrainian beauty, you should make research and choose the best and the easiest way to make proper papers for marriage. You can marry a girl in Ukraine or you can get married in your country — both ways are legal and possible. 

Your choice will depend on:

  1. The laws of your country.
  2. Which country do you plan to choose for living in after marriage? 

 If you marry a girl in Ukraine, it means you should follow Ukrainian Family Law Act (Bigamy is prohibited, the man and the woman have equal rights, and so on) 
When you marry a Ukrainian girl, it doesn’t automatically mean your wife will be able to follow you to your country immediately. She will still wait for permission to join you in your country, in some countries she will have to pass a language test, health examination and so on – this will depend on the laws of your country and it can take months. Sometimes you will have to prove the fact of the marriage in Ukraine for your government. 
Still, many foreigners choose marriage in Ukraine. Why?

The advantages of marriage in the territory of Ukraine:

  • You will not need many papers actually.
  • You will not have to wait for a long time.
  • When your spouse has trouble getting a touristic or fiancé visa to your country (such as Australia, for example) marriage in Ukraine is the only solution.

What papers do you need to marry in Ukraine?

Attention! That is a general list, you should check information for citizens from your country, when you plan marriage, especially when you are a USA citizen, the list of papers will be different for different states.

  1. Your passport and its notarized translation.
  2. You should have a border crossing note in your passport.
  3. A divorce certificate or a divorce decree if you were married before.

 These documents should be legalized or certified in Ukraine – it depends on what country you come from.
Ukrainian marriage is recorded at the registry office. You and your spouse come to the registry office with the mentioned list of papers and fill in the application for marriage personally. Sometimes you can do this online but you should have your documents scanned and you should have an electronic signature. In both cases, the state duty should be paid.

In Conclusion

Single Ukrainian ladies do not have many possibilities to spend time searching. That is why they often choose to search for men online. They hope to find a person of a different mentality and with strong family values. A person who will be an equal and supportive partner for them. They look for a man who will be happy to come after a hard working day into a cozy house they created for him :)



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Frequently Asked Questions about Single Women and Ukraine Singles

❤️  What is the Statistic of the Country's Population?

The statistics say that the amount of ladies in Ukraine is twice as large as the number of men of the same age category. Moreover, many men after 40 prefer to stay bachelor. So, a simple lack of potential partners made the ladies search for husbands abroad.

❤️  Does it Important for Long-Term Relationships Ukrainian Men’s Mentality?

Unfortunately, thousands of beautiful and housewifely ladies in the country made men picky and exacting. Ukrainian men are mostly not family-oriented. They don’t want to take responsibility for another person in their life. They prefer to have a short-lasting relationship with no intention to build a family.

❤️  Why are so Many Single Ukrainian Ladies?

The job market forces men to leave. A wast number of men over 20 choose a career of sea-men or IT specialists as very perspective and demanded ones. Since the salary is much higher abroad they often tend to leave the country. Ukrainian companies just cannot suggest competitive work conditions and lose specialists.

❤️  How Does Political Instability Affect?

It is no secret that the Ukrainian government has made several reckless decisions that led to unpleasant consequences. Many men are afraid of political unrest in the country and left the country in 2015 when the war conflict in the East began.


single slavic ladies


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