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Entering Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemia. entering-ukraine-during-covid-19-pandemia-fjQ.jpg

That is obvious our lives have changed dramatically because of COVID-19 and broke many plans of our customers... Despite this, new families were created in our agency during pandemia, and 5 couples even shared with us their wedding photos in fall 2020! :)

New Reality - New Rules

At the end of the year the situation eased much for the travelers - most of the men are able to travel to Ukraine with minimal discomfort: they only need to do a PCR test right after arrival to Ukraine and wait for 1 day in a hotel for the negative result. After that they are free to go wherever wanted.
With the start of the vaccination campaign in many countries, it became even easier as you only need to have a vaccination confirmation with you.

Still, PCR testing is also possible these days, as not everybody is able to get vaccinated.
The only this is that one needs to have a Ukrainian SIM-card for the mobile phone to upload a special application which confirms that you stay at one place (hotel) and notifies you about the test result.

We Are Always Ready to Help You!

It may happen so that you have planned your trip to Ukraine when regulations and special rules for travelers began operating. Do not put off your trip, we will help you to pass any difficulties with no stress and with maximum comfort. Here is the guidance note for those clients who booked transportation on our site (as a part of Romance Tour or as a separate type of service).


1)    If you do not know Russian or Ukrainian, take care to download the Google translate program on your phone or any other translating program that is able to converse oral speech into written text. The Agency representative will not be able to help you with translation in the airport as airport security will not let her/him in. 

2)    When you arrive at the Ukrainian airport, go through passport control.

3)    SlavicGirl agency driver will be waiting for you at the exit with the paper in his hands with the printed name of yours, so you will not be lost. Take a Ukrainian SIM card (phone card) from your driver.

4)    Insert the Ukrainian sim card into your phone.

5)    Go to PlayMarket or AppStore on your phone and download the application «Дій вдома» (DiiVdoma). You can activate it only when you have a Ukrainian number, that is why you should use the sim card we bought for you.

6)    Return to the airport control to give blood for COVID-19 test, and record your presence in Ukraine in the application you have downloaded. You will get your testing result within 24 hours after arrival.

7)    Get to the agency car and relax on your way to the hotel. 

That is easy to travel when professionals care about your comfort! Visit Ukraine to meet your Ukraine lady!