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When we talk to our clients and ask them how they found us, the most common answers are “I realized that I want to marry a Russian woman after I saw how my friend was happy in such marriage” or “I have heard that Ukrainian brides are the best and started to search”.

So, the first step is to understand what your goal is and then to keep making efforts to achieve it. There are several ways we know that can work for you.

So, How to Marry a Russian Woman or Ukrainian Woman?

  • - That is reasonable to spend your holidays in the country that you want to have your wife from. In that way, you can feel the mentality of the people, see how people live there and gain immunity from all fake stories from cheaters you can meet online. If you are lucky enough, you can get acquainted with your only lady at the disco, on the beach, or in a shop. But do not be too trustful at first. Please, check the information about the papers you need to enter the country. More likely you will not need a visa to come to Ukraine but Russian laws are different and it is more difficult to travel there.
  • - You can use different kinds of social networks to get acquainted with your lady. But that is the riskiest way. A lot of men spent their time and energy for nothing – after a lovely frank correspondence, the lady can disappear in nowhere, or never show up at the meeting when you travel to see her. How do we know that? After registering in SlavicGirl dating agency most of the men share their search stories with us. It is no surprise, that later these men have issues with trusting ladies again and this will not help them on the way to being happy and falling in love.
  • - The quickest way – find a good dating agency. There are different types of services they propose. You can choose the type of service that is the best for your character. Dating agency SlavicGirl provides most of them, you can search here for more information.

If you think about whether you should marry a Ukrainian woman, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow stories on Instagram, you can learn more about our Ukrainian ladies and – we are sure – be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have more ideas on where to find a lady for marriage? Then share them with us, we will be glad to give prompts to other men!


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