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Good news about traveling to Ukraine!. good-news-about-traveling-to-ukraine-15a.jpg

We are very thankful to those courageous men who visited our office in July! Their sincere desire to meet the girls they were writing to helped them to overcome all the obstacles! We wish them good luck in developing relationships with the girls they chose!

Useful link to check Green zone countries

Actually, the main obstacle was fear and worries. How to fight them? Check carefully official information about trips to the country you are going to visit. For example, if you plan to go to Ukraine, use this site - One of our clients was so nice to share his research with us. He says news on this site is up-to-date and you can also buy health insurance on it. 
At first, you should find out if your country is in the “Red zone" and "Green zone" according to the number of infected people. You can also find this information on The list of the countries in the " Red zone"  or "Green zone" is reviewed every 7 days. 

For travelers from the UK

If you travel to Ukraine from the UK you might find the following link, also kindly provided by another customer from the UK planning his trip, as useful guidance to planning your journey:

It is said that "Mandatory self-isolation or quarantine is no longer necessary if a traveler undergoes a PCR test and receives a negative result no more than 48 hours in advance of his/her arrival in Ukraine, or once in Ukraine." So, you may save much time if you do all preparation and testing in advance before coming to Ukraine.

COVID-19 test in Ukraine

Good news -  even if you come from the “Red zone” country you do NOT need to follow 14 days of self-isolation in case you pass the COVID-19 test using the PCR method after crossing the state border or you have a negative test result for Covid-19 by PCR, which was passed no later than 48 hours before crossing the Ukrainian border. If your country is in the “Green zone” you do not have to pass the COVID-19 test after crossing the border but still, you should have medical insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment and observation. The insurance policy must be issued by a company registered in Ukraine. 
Also, our brave clients who have already reached Ukraine mention that the price for flight tickets is extremely low now if compare with summer prices a year ago. And it is more pleasant to travel as airports and main tourist destinations are not overcrowded as usual. One more reason not to postpone your trip. ;))

We are ready to assist you!

Welcome to Ukraine, our dear subscribers! The warm Black sea, smiling Ukraine girls, Ladies, Slavic women, and gentle southern sunlight are waiting for you! If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer them and to help you in planning your trip!