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How to Support Ukraine. how-to-support-ukraine-c65.jpg

Dear Customers,

We thank you for your concern about Ukraine and its citizens that you expressed to us during the last week of an open war conflict in our country.

Most of you know that the whole team of — more than 30 staff members — lives in Mykolaiv City. We have a large team of technical workers, administrators, programmers, accountants, translators, and managers to deal with the clients and work on their requests, while hiding during air raid alerts, being under attacks, and bombings, and while city defenders die on the outskirts of our city fighting for our lives. Our partner agencies and hundreds of lady clients live in many Ukrainian cities that are currently being bombed by the Russian air forces and we pray for their safety with you.

Our team gathers volunteer help for our combatants and raises money for the orphanages, and we are ready to help our lady clients if they get into trouble. And we are thankful to all of you for offering help to Ukrainian defenders!

If you wish to donate, here is a list of 2 official resources that raise money for the Ukrainian army (both have English versions):


Important! Beware of a fake resource with a similar address —, created by scammers to rob people who care.
And here you can donate to help civilians who suffered in this war (also available in English):
Today now our souls are crying, but our hearts beat with Ukraine!


Follow your dream!
SlavicGirl agency team 



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