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Why are Ukrainian ladies so special?. why-are-ukrainian-ladies-so-special-V2D.jpg

Ukrainian Single Pretty Ladies are famous all over the world for their exceptional beauty and character. They win the hearts of thousands of men from different countries. Many men dream of dating Ukrainian Lady. They are the most desired life partners.

How to Choose a Life Partner Girl & Why Ukraine Ladies Great Choice 

Are you willing to know what are the other distinctive qualities of Ukrainian ladies? Let us present to you the top 10.

How to Choose a Life Partner

1. She is Always Good-Looking

Ukraine girl does not blindly follow all the fast-changing chic tendencies in clothes. On the contrary, she always manages to look good either in classic or casual garments. Moreover, they know how not to overdo the makeup and look nice, natural, and neat. Just take a look at Kyiv GirlsOdesa Girls, Dnipro, Kharkov, Poltava, Kherson, Nikolaev girls, and Zaporizhzhia WomenRivne WomenKrivoy Rog Women — they are gorgeous! Whether you prefer brunette girlsblonde girls, or redheaded girls — you will find it on our site.

According to Asian experts, the most beautiful women in the world live in Kyiv. "It's hard to believe that such beauty happens at all," says the Hong Kong publication. In addition to external attractiveness, Ukrainian women are also extremely interesting interlocutors: "They are well educated and always ready to support the conversation about literature and philosophy."

Yulia Nikishenko — Candidate of Historical Sciences, ethnologist, and Marta Chumalo — Deputy Head of the Western Ukrainian Center for Women's Perspectives, were asked about the beauty of Ukrainian girls.

  •  The idea that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world is quite popular. Where did it come from?

Yu. Nikishenko: The phenomenon of the beauty of Ukrainian women has its own explanation. In the Middle Ages in Europe, there was an inquisition, which organized a "witch hunt". Women were accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. And beauty was considered a characteristic feature of a witch. If a newborn girl was too beautiful, she was killed as a child, fearing that a witch would grow up. So they destroyed their female gene pool. In Ukraine, the idea of ​​the image of a witch was fundamentally different from the European one. She was never associated with a young girl, she was imagined as a terrible, disgusting woman.

  • And what features of the appearance of Ukrainian women differ from women of other nationalities?

Yu. Nikishenko: Characteristic features of Ukrainian women largely depend on the region. For example, Dnieper Ukraine is characterized by "brown eyes, black eyebrows", and Galicians — red-haired and light-eyed. Each part of Ukraine had its own ideal of beauty, which can be traced even now. The appearance of Ukrainian women is always very bright and attracts the attention of men. Ukrainian women have long devoted a lot of time to their appearance, which is not typical for women in other countries.

  • And that's why foreigners so often want to marry a Ukrainian woman?

Yu. Nikishenko: First of all, a Slavic woman, unlike European women, has always been considered more chaste. When the Germans deported Ukrainian girls during the war, they found that 99 percent of them were virgins. This surprised them a lot, so they realized that the Ukrainian gene pool is not spoiled. In addition, a Ukrainian woman for men of other nations is a kind of guarantor of fidelity and home comfort. Everyone knows that Ukrainian women are modest and masterful, know how to take care of their family, and be the real fairy of home comfort. Such a cultural stereotype is ingrained all over the world.

2. Ukrainian Lady Knows How to Keep Fit

Slim and lush-figured, tall and miniature, young and mature – Slavic women always look gorgeous. So many men so many tastes, every lady is unique and worth attention. Just take a look at ladies 30 yo, 35 yo, 40 yo, 50 yo, senior ladies, mature ladies, single mums.

 3. She is a Good Listener and Wise Advisers 

Due to their education, Ukrainian girls even online may consult you on almost every question if you ever need this. Though, they are wise enough to keep their judgment until you ask them as they have much tact and upbringing. Moreover, they will show it to you from the other point of view as they are from another country with a different mentality than you are.

4. She is Hard Workers

It's not a secret that life in Ukraine is tough and providing for yourself (and sometimes also for children or elder parents) is not an easy thing. Some ladies work simultaneously at 2-3 jobs. We know for sure that this is possible ;) That is why Ukraine Dating online can be a good way to meet your special lady.

5. All-round Educated

Ukrainian education is known as a very profound one. Thanks to the old-school system of having no choice of subjects to study, Ukrainian Ladies get knowledge in most spheres of science and art. They may support communication on every topic you suggest and will definitely have their personal mind on all world events.

6. She is Tender and Loving 

Unlike many others, Ukrainian girls do not strive to reach their career goals. Family is always in the first place for them. They know the needs of their family members and try to make their family tight-knit, and their home is a place where a tired man will happily get back after a long working day.

7. Ukrainian Woman is a Sensual Lover

I guess this point doesn’t require my additional comments :) If you love each other you always feel good together. Slavic Girls are not egoistic, and they love to please their men.

8. Good at Housekeeping

Everyday routine is something that Ukrainian ladies easily deal with. Of course, you’d better not overuse the physical abilities of a woman. Just note that they can do everything if they are inspired by their beloved person, and they are treated with care and love.

9. Ukrainian Woman is a Remarkable Mother

If you ever met a Ukrainian mother, then you definitely know what their distinctive features are. Tolerance, kindness, attentiveness to the child’s needs, sufficient strictness to keep him within certain borders of freedom, loyalty to his whims help to bring up a worthy citizen of him. So much attention to a child you would say? So, where do they get…

10. … Enough Time for Other Things?

Ukrainian women who have children, as a rule, are great in all spheres of their life – cooking dinner for a tired husband, looking good to please him, doing the cleaning to keep their house tidy, and doing their hobby (often even for an additional income!) like cooking pastry handmade or jewelry for sale. How do they manage?) Some interpreters of our wonderful SlavicGirl team definitely know the answer!

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How to Choose a Life Partner

Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing a Life Partner

❤️  How to Choose a Partner for Life?

When we choose a life partner, it is worth considering that by choosing a companion and a trajectory along which our whole life will go. Think about weekdays and holidays, sickness and vacations. The fact that you will cook and eat 20,000 joint meals, makes about a hundred trips, you will have to listen about 18,000 times how his or her day went! How will you bring up your children, spend time in retirement, how many repairs, rearrangements, how many times will you make love? Simple arithmetic. It seems so natural to make a choice and enjoy life with your loved one. But why do so many good, smart people manage to choose partners who make their lives hell? Why are there so many divorces? Millions of marriages were created under the influence of the first, often deceiving attraction, which is gone as quickly as came. And there remains a void between people who are strangers to each other. Or if someone wants a child, and there is a time limit. An important decision should not be made under unstable emotions like hormonal insanity, or the feverish rush to have children as soon as possible.

❤️  How to Find my Life Partner in Astrology?

Some astrologers will ask you to look at tarot cards to find out your future. Others will talk about the compatibility of the signs or refer to the "Moon strategy". For example, if you decide to take action, then choose the twenty-first day of the moon. It is believed that on this day people are brave and capable of actions that they previously feared. But don't overdo it. Remember: when we really meet "our" person, a favorable situation for establishing a relationship develops itself. The task is not to miss this situation, to see the open door. If the door is tightly closed, know: the goal is chosen incorrectly, and it is better to stop all attempts to achieve it. Everything turns out easily with "your" person - remember this rule! It is important not to miss the moment when you need to take a single step. If before the beginning of the fourth phase of the Moon such a chance did not appear, then there is no need to look for it anymore. You just have to start all over again with the arrival of the new moon. In the meantime, the Moon is flawed, do nothing else: take a break from both plans and actions.

❤️  How to Find Life Partner by Date of Birth?

Numerologists and astrologers also have different opinions on this issue. You can find online calculators that will help you choose the date of birth of your ideal partner based on the compatibility of horoscope signs, numbers, moon positions, etc. Perhaps this may help you, or may not. One way or another, when you are starting your active searching, it is worth being open to communication with new people.

❤️  What are Effective Ways to Get to Know a Prospective Partner Better?

You like the person, but you do not fully understand what kind of person he or she is. How this person will react to your vulnerability, can you entrust him/her with a secret, or ask for help? On the psychological websites, there are articles like "If you want to know someone - ask these 38 questions." Imagine how it looks like: you sit with your friend and ask questions from that list and carefully listen to its answers. How many would agree to this? The other belief is that you can understand a person only in a few months or years of close communication. It's not about the amount of time, but about being observant and willing to link facts. Every day we perform thousands of routine activities: talking on the phone, buying food. People's actions can provide insight into their personalities and help predict how they will behave in similar situations. How does he/she communicate? Builds relationships with everyone in a row or singles out the closest in spirit, and with the rest tries to keep within the bounds of decency? Does he or she act, without a clear plan, focus on impressions or tries to analyze everything, does not trust instinct, and strives to be objective?


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