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Zodiac Compatibility — Zodiac Signs Compatibility for Dating & Relationship

  Some people believe in astrology, others are sure horoscopes never say the truth. Anyway, you have been asked about your horoscope sign many times;) Many women try to guess your type of personality according to your date of birth. They say there is something in common for people of the same horoscope sign. And there are specialties between people of certain signs while communication with others leads to misunderstanding and confrontation. There must be some truth in it;) Stars influence our life but a lot depend on us as well. It can be fun to check if you and your date are compatible according to zodiac signs but if you are not – that is not the reason for disappointment and if you are — this will not mean you can stop doing efforts on developing your relationships and start taking them as granted.

In the Article "Zodiac Compatibility"

Zodiac Compatibility

  Each horoscope sign belongs to one of 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air. The analysis of compatibility by the elements is the simplest, but quite effective way to understand in general how much the partners are suitable for each other in temperament. The elements reflect the main energies and the psychological tendencies of a person and his life values.
Do you know which element you belong to?

Find your horoscope sign below

  • Fire: ​   ♈  Aries, ♌  Leo, ♐  Sagittarius
  • Earth:  ♑  Capricorn, ♉  Taurus, ♍  Virgo
  • Water: ♓  Pisces, ♋  Cancer, ♏. Scorpio
  • Air:      ♊  Gemini, ♒  Aquarius, ♎. Libra

Zodiac Elements

  Some people think that is better to have the same Element or Close Element for harmonious relationships (for example, Fire – Air, Earth-Water). Others think that partners should complement each other and people with opposite temperaments are more interesting to each other. There are no perfect combinations, you can learn about the weak sides of your union and improve them. For example, people with the same Element feel comfortable with each other but with time and with no additional energies this can lead to boredom, routine, and stagnation. Partners with opposite elements can start a passionate relationship but without balancing energies this can lead to confrontation and fights.

  •  The most compatible unions are Fire — Air and Earth-Water. These elements help each other and enhance each other's best sides. Air helps Fire to burn stronger and Water helps Earth to be more fertile.
  • Unions of Water-Fire, Water-Air, Earth-Fire, Earth — Air can be less successful. You can judge even on the nature of the Elements that they are very competing.

   Elements give you a general understanding of horoscope compatibility. But also a lot depends on the mutual position of horoscope signs. There are 7 different types of zodiac signs compatibility. Imagine (or better draw on the piece of paper) the face of the clock with horoscope signs instead of numbers on it with your horoscope sign on the place of number 12. Then put down other zodiac signs before and after your zodiac sign in the place of other numbers.

  Here is the list of horoscope signs one by one: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. If you are Leo, then the Virgo sign will be in the place of number 1, Aquarius – on number 6, Cancer – on number 11. If you are Sagittarius, Libra will be in the place of number 10 for you and Pisces in the place of number 3. Now choose the horoscope sign of your lady and check what type of compatibility you may have according to the general rules of astrology.

Zodiac Compatibility

1. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “The Best Friend” and “the Best Enemy” – Not Compatible 

  We speak about horoscope signs that stay in the places of number 1 and number 11 on the face of the clock. If you are Virgo, this will be Libra and Leo for you. If you are Taurus, this will be Gemini and Aries for you, etc.
 You can become good friends really fast but the conflict of Elements is an obstacle for a serious commitment. The most common problems – envy, rivalry, a difference of interests, and life goals.

2. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “The Elder Brother” and “the Younger Brother” type – Compatible

  This type of relationship you will have with the signs on the places of numbers 2 and 10. This is the union of matching elements. Here it is important to understand the roles of each partner in relationships. “The Elder Brother” is usually elder, stronger, and more experienced.

3. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “The Protector” and “the Advisor” type — Not Compatible

  You will have that type of interaction with the signs on the places of numbers 3 and 9 on the face of your clock. Such horoscope signs belong to the opposite elements but they are able to find points for compromising. That’s a pity but such compromise will work well in business, not in family life. So you’d better plan a business project with that person, not a romantic date.

4. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “The Child” and “the Parent” (The Teacher and the Pupil)” type — Compatible

  You will have such type of communication with the signs on the place of number 4 and number 8 on the clock. That is a wonderful pair of signs of the same element. “The Parent” should show his wisdom, care, and patience. While that is enough for “the Child” not to be too spoiled and capricious. 

5. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “The Boa Constrictor” and “The Rabbit” — Not Compatible

  You will have this type of cooperation with the signs on the place of numbers 5 and 7 of your clock. Usually, that is a couple described in love novels without a happy end. At first, there will be a storm of emotions and passion. In the end – boredom and tiredness of “The Boa Constrictor” and the broken heart of “the Rabbit”. Try to avoid this union, especially if your sign is in the place of “The Rabbit”

6. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “Opposites Attracts” type – Compatible

  You will have such attraction to the people with the horoscope sign on the place of number 6 on the clock. Like poles of the magnet, these signs are so different, but with a huge attraction to each other. If you are experienced and wise, such a partnership will be the source of happiness for you, while young people can make many mistakes and are seldom able to unlock the vast potential of such a couple. 

7. Type of Zodiac Compatibility “My Mirror and Me” — Not Compatible

  You will have that type of zodiac compatibility with the person under the same horoscope sign as you are. Such a union is very common among young people. Nothing can be simpler than starting a relationship with a person who is so much like you. But later it can turn into a depressive and annoying attitude - it is difficult to see your own flaws in the person who lives with you and shows them to you every day like in the mirror.

  • ⏩  Horoscopes can help you in building balanced relationships where you can provide your partner with more understanding and have your own needs completed. You can step aside and examine the general communication laws in your couple to level out problem areas. But do not let the compatible horoscope of the lady be the only reason for contacting her;)
  • ⏩  If you discover that stars do not recommend you to be in relationships with the lady you are in love with, remember that stars may grant 50% of your destiny but a clever and confident man can change stars’ predictions to the opposite.
  • ⏩  There are plenty of horoscopes you can read on weekly basis or those that describe the features of each zodiac sign very carefully. They say the most trustworthy horoscope is the one written personally for you according to your exact time and date of birth and place of birth. Usually, you have to pay for such a service but if you think such information can be helpful for you, why not?

   You can learn more about your zodiac signs compatibility with ladies of different horoscope signs on special sites or in journals or books. We show you the date of birth in the profiles of ladies so you can check her horoscope sign if that is important for you and also you can always send birthday greetings and presents with our help to the lady you like;) And usually, a box of sweets and a bouquet of flowers melt a lady’s heart better than lines of compatibility in the horoscopes. All women like it when the man shows his care in actions and following the horoscope is just the icing on the cake of a wonderful love story.

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