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Happy 20th birthday, SlavicGirl!!!. happy-20th-birthday-slavicgirl-yV9.jpg

20 years of making people happy

20 years….  We have our special date on April, 14th! Our agency is 20 years old! 20 years of helping 2 loving hearts to meet each other, 20 years of our efforts to make our world a little bit happier and kinder. 20 years of laughing and crying with our clients – men and women, 20 years of being compassionate, understanding, and supportive with broken hearts, enormous illusions, and selfish demands of people who only learn to be in love. And -  being happy when we watch first flower-buds of new strong feelings in the souls of our clients, most of them become our friends later. Their happy stories give us inspiration and wish to work harder and better, only to see that expression of happiness in the eyes of more people. ;)) Love rules our planet, love is what will save us and is saving us every day. That is why our slogan is WE ARE BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! 
We asked the owner and director of our agency Elena Zhevner to share her memories about the foundation of the SlavicGirl agency.
“ – Elena, why did you decide to found an international marriage agency? What inspired you?
- Beautiful Ukrainian women (she laughs). I was happily married then and had a kid. I had many wonderful friends. And.. they were lonely. Bright, clever, beautiful, sexy, witty, and… lonely, or dating with men who were not decent and loyal. I keep wondering that and as one of my friends was too shy to start dating in real life, I helped her to put her profile on the Internet. And soon she met her future husband! Can you imagine that? I felt like a kind fairy. And I decided to help more Ukrainian women to marry the men of their dreams! I believe that single Ukrainian women are really special! They are the most beautiful ladies in the world! With a truly loving heart -  they know how to love their man and how to be the best friend to their husbands. They deserve to be happy!
- What was the most difficult part of your job? 
- You see, as we work with people and we are helping them in a very delicate sphere of their life, that is impossible to stay indifferent to their emotions. Sometimes we have a situation when one person is in love after the first date and the other is not, and has to reject the first one. It can be very hurting and I have to sweep tears from somebody’s face (including mine! ;)) and calm down and talk into trying again. But you know, all such emotions are gone, and when a happy couple comes to our office with words of gratitude and shows their wedding photos or the photos of their common kid – I am proud of my team and my company… Our dear clients, your support, your gratitude is very important for us. We work for such moments! So, share your success stories with us, please!
- What do you want to say to your clients or your future clients?
- Dear ladies and dear gentlemen! If you want to be happy - start doing something! Such agencies as SlavicGirl give a chance to beautiful Ukrainian ladies and to decent men from all over the world. But you can’t find your soulmate lying on the sofa and you can’t order your spouse in an Internet shop. Ukrainian ladies are looking for marriage, call us and come to our local offices. Brave, clever, and decent men from all over the world, use your chance and register on our site to meet Slavic brides! And to be happy!”
Happy Birthday, SlavicGirl dating agency!


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