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Ukraine Public Holidays and Observances 2024. public-holidays-in-ukraine-lS1.jpg

  Surely, that is easier to plan your romantic vacations when you are familiar with the calendar of public holidays in the country. If you visit Ukraine while the country is in the process of celebrating some holidays, you can see more exciting and interesting details - but such dates can influence accommodation prices and booking time. Also, some holidays are considered to be family holidays and will not be good for first meetings as everyone goes away from the towns to see their families. One more tip – holiday greetings with flowers and small gifts can be the best excuse for new acquaintances ;) Check the dates in the table below and make your plans in view of the facts.

Calendar of Ukraine Public Holidays and Observances 2024

1 Jan New Year’s Day (National holiday)
6 Jan Holy Evening (Observance, Orthodox)
7 Jan Orthodox Christmas Day (National holiday, Orthodox)
13 Jan Malanka (Observance, Orthodox)
14 Jan Orthodox New Year (Observance, Orthodox)
14 Jan Vasil's Holiday (Observance, Orthodox)
15 Jan Day of the Web Browser (Observance)
18 Jan Second Holy Evening, Hungry Kutya (Observance, Orthodox)
19 Jan Epiphany (Observance, Orthodox)
20 Jan Feast of John the Baptist (Observance, Orthodox)
26 Jan International Day of Customs (Observance)
26 Jan Day of the Employee of the Control and Audit Service of Ukraine (Observance)
31 Jan International Day Without Internet/Family Day (Observance)
31 Jan International Day of the Jeweler (Observance)
6 Feb International Bartender Day (Observance)
9 Feb International Dentist Day (Observance)
13 Feb World Radio Day (Observance)
14 Feb Valentine’s Day (Observance)
14 Feb Geek Day (Observance)
15 Feb Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (Observance, Orthodox)
21 Feb World Tour Guide Day (Observance)
28 Feb IT Specialist Day (Observance)
1 Mar World Children's Television Day (Observance)
1 Mar World Civil Defense Day (Observance)
3 Mar World Writers Day (Observance)
8 Mar Women’s Day (National holiday)
8-14 Mar Pancake week (Observance)
9 Mar International DJ Day (Observance)
12 Mar Day of the Freedom of Expression on the Internet (Observance)
17 Mar Day of the Mobilization Worker of Ukraine (Observance)
18 Mar Day of Tax and Customs Workers of Ukraine (Observance)
20 Mar Shutdown Day (Observance)
21 Mar World Poetry Day (Observance)
21 Mar International Puppet Theater Day (Observance)
21 Mar Day of Housing and Utilities Workers (Observance)
23 Mar World Meteorologist Day (Observance)
24 Mar Phthisiatrician Day (Observance)
26 Mar Day of the National Guard of Ukraine (Observance)
31 Mar World Backup Day (Observance)
1 Apr April Fools (Observance)
1 Apr International Day of Astronomy (Observance)
4 Apr Webmaster Day and International Internet Day (Observance)
5 Apr Geologist's Day (Observance)
7 Apr Annunciation. Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Observance, Orthodox)
12 Apr Day of Workers of the Rocket and Space Industry of Ukraine (Observance)
12 Apr World Day of Aviation and Astronautics (Observance)
12 Apr Scout Day in Ukraine (Observance)
15 Apr Day of Criminal Investigation Officers of Ukraine (Observance)
23 Apr Day of Psychologist in Ukraine (Observance)
25 Apr Palm Sunday (Observance, Orthodox)
27 Apr Designer Day (Observance)
28 Apr World Day for Safety and Health at Work (Observance)
30 Apr Border Guard Day (Observance)
1-3 May Labor Day (National holiday)
2 May International Day of Astronomy (Observance)
2-4 May Orthodox Easter Day (National holiday, Orthodox)
3 May Confectioner's Day (Observance)
4 May International Firefighters Day (Observance)
6 May Ukrainian Infantry Day (Observance)
9 May Mother's Day (Observance)
9-10 May Victory or Memorial Day (National holiday)
12 May World Nursing Day (Observance)
13 May Ramadan Bayram (Muslim)
16 May International Biographer Day (Observance)
17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (Observance)
25 May Geek Pride Day (Observance)
30 May Kyiv Day (Observance)
31 May Day of Workers of Publishing Houses, Printing Houses and Book Distribution (Observance)
31 May Chemist Day (Observance)
1 Jun Child Protection Day (Observance)
6 Jun Journalist Day (Observance)
20-21 Jun Orthodox Pentecost (National holiday, Orthodox)
21 Jun Medical Worker Day (Observance)
25 Jun International Day of the Seafarer (Observance)
28 Jun Constitution Day (National holiday)
1 Jul Investigator's Day (Observance)
2 Jul International Day of Sports Journalist (Observance)
4 Jul Navy Day, Forensic Expert Day, National Police Day (Observance)
6 Jul Kupala Night (Observance)
7 Jul Day of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine, Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Observance)
7 Jul Day of the Worker of Nature Reserve Business (Observance)
8 Jul Family Day (Observance)
12 Jul International Photographer Day (Observance)
12 Jul World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day (Observance)
12 Jul Fisherman's Day (Observance)
16 Jul Day of the Accountant and Auditor (Observance)
20 Jul Qurban Bayram (Muslim)
21 Jul Metallurgist Day (Observance)
28 Jul PR Specialist Day (Observance)
28 Jul Baptism of Kyivan Rus (Observance)
30 Jul System Administrator Day (Observance)
1 Aug Collector's Day (Observance)
4 Aug Day of the Air Force of Ukraine (Observance)
11 Aug Day of Veterinary Medicine Workers (Observance)
11 Aug Builder's Day (Observance)
15 Aug Archaeologist's Day (Observance)
19 Aug Beekeeper's Day (Observance)
19 Aug The Transfiguration of Christ (Observance, Orthodox)
24 Aug Independence Day (National holiday)
28 Aug Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Observance, Orthodox)
28 Aug Aviation Day of Ukraine (Observance)
28 Aug Truck Driver's Day (Observance)
29 Aug Miner's Day (Observance)
31 Aug Ukraine Aviation Day (Observance)
31 Aug Truck Driver's Day (Observance)
31 Aug Blog Day (Observance)
2 Sep Notary Day (Observance)
4 Sep Customs Broker Day (Observance)
5 Sep Entrepreneur's Day (Observance)
7 Sep Day of Military Intelligence of Ukraine (Observance)
9 Sep Tester's Day (Observance)
9 Sep Beauty Workers Day (Observance)
11 Sep Day of Physical Culture and Sports (Observance)
11 Sep Day of Ukrainian Сinema (Observance)
12 Sep Tankman's Day (Observance)
12 Sep Oil and Gas Workers Day (Observance)
13 Sep Programmer's Day (Observance)
13 Sep Hairdresser Day (Observance)
15 Sep HR Manager Day (Observance)
17 Sep Lifeguard's Day (Observance)
18 Sep Day of the Inventor and Innovator (Observance)
18 Sep Pharmaceutical Worker's Day (Observance)
19 Sep Forest Worker's Day (Observance)
26 Sep Mechanical Engineer's Day (Observance)
27 Sep World Tourism Day (Observance)
27 Sep Exaltation of the Cross (Observance, Orthodox)
27 Sep Educator's Day (Observance)
30 Sep International Translator's (Observance)
30 Sep All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries (Observance)
1 Oct International Music Day (Observance)
3 Oct Education Workers Day (Observance)
4 Oct International Doctor's Day (Observance)
4 Oct World Architect Day (Observance)
8 Oct Day of the Lawyer of Ukraine (Observance)
9 Oct World Post Day (Observance)
9 Oct Realtor's Day (Observance)
10 Oct Artist's Day (Observance)
10 Oct Day of Workers of Standardization and Metrology (Observance)
10 Oct Day of Workers of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service (Observance)
14 Oct Defenders' Day (National holiday)
16 Oct Chef's Day (Observance)
16 Oct Pulp and Paper Workers' Day (Observance)
16 Oct World Anesthesiologist Day (Observance)
17 Oct Food Industry Workers Day (Observance)
20 Oct International Air Traffic Controller Day (Observance)
20 Oct International Chef and Culinary Day (Observance)
25 Oct Marketer's Day (Observance)
29 Oct Police Guard Day (Observance)
31 Oct Day of the Motorist and Road Worker (Observance)
3 Nov Missile Forces and Artillery Day, Engineering Troops (Observance)
4 Nov Railroad Day (Observance)
4 Nov International Project Manager Day (Observance)
7 Nov Social Worker Day (Observance)
8 Nov World Urban (Urbanism) Day (Observance)
9 Nov Day of Cultural Workers and Folk Artists (Observance)
14 Nov International Speech Therapist Day (Observance)
14 Nov Winegrower and Winemaker's Day (Observance)
16 Nov Day of Workers of Radio, Television, and Communications of Ukraine (Observance)
17 Nov International Students' Day (Observance)
18 Nov International Day of Philosophy (Observance)
19 Nov Glassmaker's Day (Observance)
19 Nov Day of Workers of the Hydrometeorological Service (Observance)
21 Nov Agricultural Workers Day (Observance)
21 Nov Day of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Observance)
21 Nov World Television Day (Observance)
21 Nov Dignity and Freedom Day (Observance)
26 Nov Logistician Day (Observance)
1 Dec Day of Prosecutor's Office Workers (Observance)
5 Dec Statistics Workers Day (Observance)
5 Dec International Volunteer Day (Observance)
6 Dec Presentation of Mary (Observance, Orthodox)
6 Dec Army Day (Observance)
6 Dec Army Day (Observance)
7 Dec Local Self-Government Day in Ukraine (Observance)
7 Dec International Civil Aviation Day (Observance)
12 Dec Day of the Ground Forces of Ukraine (Observance)
14 Dec Liquidator's Day (Observance)
15 Dec Day of Court Workers (Observance)
17 Dec Day of the Employee of the State Executive Service (Observance)
18 Dec Day of Employees of Civil Registry Offices (Observance)
19 Dec Day of the Bar (Observance)
19 Dec St. Nicholas Day (Observance, Orthodox)
22 Dec Day of the Diplomatic Service of Ukraine (Observance)
22 Dec Power Engineer's Day (Observance)
24 Dec Day of Workers of Archival Institutions of Ukraine (Observance)
25-27 Dec Catholic Christmas Day (National holiday)

There is a rule - if the National holiday comes on Saturday or Sunday, Monday is an additional day off for that holiday. So, the number of days off is the same each year.

Usually, exchange greetings in Ukraine are sent for all public holidays; professional holidays associated with a person's job; church holidays, if you are sure that the person celebrates them. Greetings with professional day make you stand out on the positive side, and this is an excellent reason to remind partners about yourself or to cheer up your relatives or friends. 

While we are planning to greet someone with big holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter, May holidays, it is worth considering that a person may visit his/her family or go on vacation and send congratulations in advance.

You can also congratulate your Slavic woman or girlfriend, her child or family with a small gift, such as flowers, a fruit basket or sweets. Such a sign of attention is always pleasant and will not go unnoticed.


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