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5 ways for men to keep a relationship. 5-ways-for-men-to-keep-a-relationship-z51.jpg

Modern men have to be reliable, caring, stable. At the same time, they must be strong defenders and be able to correct something caused unintentionally. As a result, you try to balance the border between being caring and strong. And, as this line is too thin, it is easy to fail. But there are some things that hurt women and impede building relationships. We will list five of them and their solutions.

1. Providing a basis for a family

Men have to provide for their families, no matter whether the ladies work. Sometimes this implies overtime work for the children’s sake. And often you have to work forcing yourself because the boss is another queer because you have to support your family. But that onion is worth peeling: when you come in the evening, you see the smiles of your dearest and nearest.

2. Optimistic thoughts

When being children you often heard: "Pull yourself together" and "Don’t whine". You were taught to accept the fact that sometimes bad things happen in life. Sometimes this is a very good thing, as your woman should see you as an optimist. Your family life should not be affected by any world problems and failures. Your wife does not need someone who tells her to stop crying, she needs a strong supporter.

3. Keeping physical attachment

Yes, men ought to do it as well. Physical attachment is much more than simple sex. This means hugging her before going to work, holding her hand in the store, and embracing her during the movie evening on the couch. If you keep doing this, you will see her blossoming. The physical attraction that you show her during intimacy is nothing compared to her feeling your affection all the time. This is what can make relationships work.

4. Solving less important things last

Of the dozens of girls you know, and hundreds of girls you met, you chose one woman for a lifetime. She wants to feel that you keep choosing her every day. If you run through the news line on your phone every time you are together, you show her you don’t care. If you don’t warn her you’re going to be late from work, she feels like being unimportant to you. Therefore, she asks herself if she is dear to you the same way she was. Your work is important, but money alone will not make you happy.

5. Speaking her language

A woman should feel that she is loved and that she is needed. You think that you express love by the fact that every day you go to work and earn money. Though, you do not show it any other way (except, maybe, Valentine's Day). But she needs to know, that you are doing all this for her. So, take a chance and show her she is special. Leave small love letters in unusual places from time to time or buy flowers unexpectedly without a reason. You might be surprised at her reaction!

In conclusion

Even if these pieces of advice describe family relationships, be sure, the same works for couples who are planning to tie the knot yet. By the way, you behave before nuptial single ladies judge how will your life after wedlock look like. Treat her as if SHE IS YOURS already, and be sure, she will be! ;)


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