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Dating in Ukraine: what is important to know?

Dating in Ukraine: what is important to know?. dating-in-ukraine-what-is-important-to-know-H74.jpg

Good strong relationship requires long and hard work, but getting into it is a largely a matter of chance and skills. So, here are our pieces of advice on dating with Ukrainian women to achieve success.

Right place for search

Finding your soul mate is the greatest happiness in the world. But not everyone can find love easily. There are many places to search in: restaurants, night clubs, parks, social dance clubs, various courses and thematic meetings. If you have not much free time to visit Ukraine personally, we recommend to use SlavicGirl dating agency services.

Dating etiquette in Ukraine and Russia

Although Ukrainians and Russians are mostly inattentive husbands, they have developed a range of dating rules that local ladies have got used to. For instance, a man should bring flowers on a date - these can be a bouquet as well as a single rose. So, when dating Ukrainian ladies, don’t forget to drop in a flower shop. ;)

Show her who is the breadwinner

Although in many countries it is customary to show independence and pay the restaurant bill separately, it is different when dating Russian ladies. We don’t call for going to any expensive places, especially on the first date. Therefore, choose among public catering establishments that fit your expense expectations. And never allow the lady to pay for her meal!

Make the meeting exciting

It seems that it is needless to say that looking neat and entertaining your Ukraine date is the bigger part of your further success. Remember: the first impression lasts. Google for some info and reviews about the place (city) you are going to meet at, make some notes and think of a pleasant and exciting route for the date. As most of the ladies on slavic-girl.aom are from Mykolaiv, this article may be useful.

Leave good impression

In Ukraine they say “By the outfit they meet, by the wit they see off”. So, your future relationship depends on how good you treat your date when the meeting is over. Be nice and take her home personally or at least make sure she gets into a taxi safe.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that dating Ukrainian ladies requires keeping certain rites to show that you can act at least equally to what they are used to. This will help you make a favorable impression, and guarantee that there will be more than one date ahead! ;)


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