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St. Valentine’s Day traditions and presents. st-valentines-day-traditions-and-presents-oT5.png

Valentine's Day, which is annually celebrated on the 14th day of February, has long been covered with secretiveness and legends of its origin. Some supporters of the holiday give romantic significance to this day, while others regard it only for commercial reasons. However, it is still worthwhile to find out the history of this famous holiday and get some ideas on how to please your Ukrainian lady.

Rebellious Clergyman

Due to the most famous legend in 269 AD, the Roman Emperor Claudius II sought to conquer the whole world. Since having a family kept men from military service, the emperor issued a decree prohibiting marriage during the expansion. However, the young priest Valentine did not listen to Claudius II's orders and secretly conducted nuptial ceremonies for love couples. Having found this fact the emperor sentenced the priest to death.

Invincible Love

While waiting for his death penalty, Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter Julia. On the last day of his life, he left her a love letter and signed it "Your Valentine". Exactly with this incredible moment and manifestation of love the custom of giving valentine cards is connected. Valentine had his head cut off and later was canonized by the Catholic Church. In 496, Pope Gelasius I declared the 14 February the saint’s day...

Modern Traditions of St Valentine's Day

Despite the mysterious origin of the holiday, thousands of people do not miss an opportunity to celebrate a romantic holiday together with their beloved ones. Couples usually arrange romantic dinners in restaurants or pizzerias, go to the cinemas and theaters. It is customary to gift perfumes, juicy roses, exquisite jewelry, and tasty chocolates in a heart-shaped box on this day. You can be creative and treat your Ukraine Girl with a luxury SPA procedure.

Make sure she gets your love sign!

St. Valentine's Day is not only a holiday of flowers, cards, and gifts. This is a symbolic day for the manifestation of a little more attention and love to your nearest and dearest. If there is a Slavic Woman you like on, don’t forget to greet your lady online in a chat and to show your feelings with a small present which you can choose on our site. While Ukraine Dating Online order in advance to make sure your beloved Ukraine woman gets it on a festive day! As always, you will receive a report with photos of the happy lady. Gift a bit of your love and happiness every day!


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