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Trinity Celebrations in Ukraine. trinity-celebrations-in-ukraine-3Wg.jpg

It’s hard to overestimate the meaning of the Trinity for Christians. Its traditions are kept since ancient times. Orthodox and Western Christians celebrate it on the 50th and the 57th day after Easter. In 2018 the date for both confessions coincided and fell on May, 27. We would like to tell you how Ukrainian ladies celebrate this holiday.

Trinity Holiday Preparations

Saturday before the holiday is memorial day. People put candles in the churches to commemorate their dead ancestors. Trinity is celebrated for three days from 27th to the 29th of May. Housewives prepare for it very carefully: they make the house clean, adorn it with green branches of maple, birch, willow, and lime. Flowers and herbs symbolize prosperity and a new life cycle. Slavic women bake pies, prepare meat and fish snacks for the feast. In some regions, the eggs are painted green on this day.

Trinity Beliefs

The feast is known as a holiday for single girls. Ukrainian ladies weaved wreaths and dropped them into the river for fortune-telling. Women baked a loaf and handed it to single Ukrainian girls. The pieces were dried and stored until the nuptial ceremony. Then ladies kneaded the crumbs in the dough for a special caravan. It was believed to bring prosperity and love to the couple.

Religious Rites on Trinity

The first day, Green Sunday is considered to be the day of the malicious activity of mermaids. Greenery at home serves as a protective amulet from evil spirits. In the morning on this day, festive divine services take place in the temples. The second day is called Green Monday. After the service, the priests go to the fields to say prayers to God for the blessing of the future harvest. On the third day, the Day of the Divine Spirit, the men chose life partners. Girls performed a ritual of "driving the poplar" with the most beautiful girl as the main heroine.

An Interesting Fact About Trinity

The dew which falls on the holiday is considered to be very useful for health. Girls are advised to wash up with the dew to save youth and beauty. Now you know another secret why Ukrainian women on our site are so beautiful! ;) Don’t forget to greet them when you talk to girls on these festive days!


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