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Professional Wedding Planner in Ukraine. profession-of-a-wedding-planner-Zbt.jpg

A wedding planner is a popular job these days. Like any other calling it has a lot of details, often unseen to the others. We have interviewed Oksana, a charming Ukrainian wedding planner with 10 years of experience in this business. Her recommendations may be useful to the couples going to organize their nuptials themselves.


Q.: Why have you chosen to be a wedding planner, Oksana?

Oksana: Well, communicating with new people is always a pleasure for me. All the love stories are unique and different. There are no two similar destinies. Every nuptial is the start of a new life, a new chapter for a couple. I am impressed to find out how unpredictable life may be as people find love in most unusual places sometimes!


Q.: Who is a wedding planner, Oksana?

Oksana: It is a professional qualified to organize nuptials. A wedding coordinator, as he is also called, usually interviews the couples, makes a draft of an event, and cooperates with different specialists involved in the ceremony, banquet, and other festive activities. It is also the name of a list of tasks to do or an overall plan of the nuptial day.


Q.: What is most interesting about your job?

Oksana: I think that creating unforgettable memories is what I value most. You know... making all sorts of beautiful adornments for the ceremony myself. This process excites me. A wedding is always a memorable event, and being involved in the creation of someone's love story is an honor for me. I am happy to add some small but special details from myself. It’s like a cherry on a cake)))


Q.: Have you had to deal with any troubles right on the wedding days?

Oksana: I did). Once I had to search for a new pair of white shoes together with Ukrainian lady as she broke her heel 35 minutes before the appointment in the registry office. To tell the truth, it was not so funny on the day itself, we all were very nervous then. More often I see a situation that a lady has some skin problems or a weight loss caused by pre-wedding tension.


In conclusion

We have discussed many other topics with Oksana. But, her main message is the following: yes, you can organize your wedding yourself, but it will require a lot of power and effort from you. If you wish to get pleasure from the wedding day, make a wedding planner and delegate all important tasks. But, if you still decide to make all yourself, then this article will be of great use to you. If you are still searching while Ukrainian Dating online for the lady of your dreams, visit SlavicGirl dating agency. Oksana organized some of the most magical weddings for those who found their love on this site!


Wedding planner ukraine


Questions and Answers about Planning a Wedding from the Wedding Expert

❤️  What would you recommend to start planning a wedding with?

With choosing a date of course! Lots of details depend on the date, like seasonable clothing, colors, photoshoot decorations. You need to book the date at the registry office beforehand, especially if it is a popular one. Many people prefer to have their wedding on some “magical date”. I don’t judge them, of course. But I would like to remind you that mutual feeling and maturity have real value. No additional magic is needed.)

❤️  Advice to the brides willing to organize their special day themselves.

Don’t listen to anybody, neither your parents nor your future in-laws. Decide everything with your partner. I do not recommend you to hurry with a white-wedding as well. This ritual became popular these days. But in fact, it is a very serious religious rite, which may even influence your future. If you really want to be united by Heaven, wait at least 10 years before the white wedding. This time will be enough for you to go through all the hard times together. In fact, God has already brought you together. I think you would agree that is a perfect decision when both spouses desire to have their couple blessed.

❤️  A couple can deal with the whole process of the wedding organization?

Of course, organizing such an event is a hard task for inexperienced young people, though a possible one. You don’t know any photographers, florists, good make-up artists, and hairdressers. I mean those who specialize in weddings. If you know somebody who could help you at least with some preparation, then be sure, you can deal with it. If no, then better find a good wedding planner.

❤️  What are the most unusual requests for a wedding?

Young Ukraine ladies are often so keen on making their wedding perfect) I remember one couple wanted to have their miniatures curved in a piece of ice... just in the middle of July! It was almost +40 degrees Celsius, can you imagine? Though, who am I to stop them?) Another lady wanted exactly red roses for her nuptials in the middle of December. No burgundy, pink, or wine-colored could please her. Besides, purely white roses are also rare in winter.


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