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Greet Tatyanas on their name-day!

Greet Tatyanas on their name-day!. greet-tatyanas-on-their-name-day-BQ7.jpg

Every year on January, 25 Ukrainian girls celebrate Tatyana’s Day. On this day the Orthodox Church commemorates the holy martyr Tatyana. We would like to share with you the history and traditions of this authentic holiday.

Who is St. Tatyana?

On January, 12 (25th by a new calendar) 1755 the Empress Elizabeth I ordered to establish the Moscow University. This significant event was a reason to commemorate the patron of all students. At first, it was just the University's birthday, and later became an official holiday in Soviet Union countries. Russian ladies of any age, who currently study, enjoy this day celebrating with their group-mates.


On the festive day students and pupils put candles for drive achieve success in their studies. People pray to St. Tatyana for help with difficult studying. They also say prayers to St. Savva for getting health and well-being. They say that one must not argue with anybody on the festive day.

Folk beliefs

It is customary to judge about the upcoming spring and summer by the weather on this day: if the weather is freezing and clear, there will be a good harvest; if it’s warm and there is blizzard, then the crop won’t be rich. They say that if the weather is sunny on Tatyana’s Day, the birds will return early in spring. Being in a messy house is also believed to bring misfortune on this day. Therefore, people try to clean the house well on Tatyana’s Day.

Wonderful Tatyanas

The villagers believed that the woman born on that day would be an outstanding housewife: "Tatyana bakes the loaf, washes the carpets in the river and goes dancing." If you communicate with any Tatyana on slavic-girl.com, be sure to greet her on her name-day! You may order a bouquet or another gift from the site. Every Tatyana will be definitely pleased for your sweet attention!



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