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About myself
I am a person with an open heart and a bright life position, ready to provide help and support to those who need it. My sense of humor makes communication with me easy and warm. I am interested in psychology, sports and cinema. I enjoy the beauty of nature, relaxation and travel, and also love to draw. I am attracted to the beautiful and exciting things in life, striving to share this feeling of tenderness with others.
About him
My man is stable and ready for family, also has deep respect and love for his chosen one. He has a great sense of humor and an abundance of kindness to create a joyful and warm atmosphere in the relationship. It is very important that he strives for mutual love and wants to start a family. His sincere care and serious devotion to his family is obvious. Additionally, I appreciate the attention to detail and romanticism in everyday life to emphasize the importance of relations. It would also be great if he shared some of my interests.