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St. Nicholas day — time for miracles to come!

St. Nicholas day — time for miracles to come!. stnicholas-day--time-for-miracles-to-come-fT9.jpg

A day of St. Nicholas in Ukraine is considered to be as important as the New Year is. Every year both children and adults wait for this day with impatience. Unlike most saints, whom we know only from made-up legends, this was a real historical figure. Moreover the name of the city where the head office of the SlavicGirl dating agency if situated - Mykolaiv -  was named after St. Nicholas! That is why I want to tell you more about this remarkable person.

Who was St. Nicholas?

Young Nicholas had pious parents. He was known for his love and compassion for people. He helped the poor and the disabled, giving away almost all his money. Being a follower of Jesus Christ Nicholas was leaving only the most necessary things for himself. For his kindness and meekness, he won the great love of the people. Even during his lifetime, Nicholas​ became a symbol of charity and sacrificial love.

There is a story that while visiting the holy places of Palestine, St. Nicholas wished to pray in the church during the night. The locked door opened itself as the Chosen One walked up to the temple.

Nicholas the Wonder-worker

There are many parables known explaining how Nicholas got the name of a Wonder-worker. One day Saint Nicholas decided to help three sisters, who couldn’t create their own families because of poverty. At night on Christmas Eve, he put three bags with gold coins inside a chimney. Earlier that evening the sisters hung out their washed stockings there. Exactly in those stockings, they found the golden coins in the morning. As you see, this is much similar to the usual Christmas tradition to present gifts in such a way!).

Anonymous savior

After his first good did, Nicholas proceeded to support the poor, remaining unnoticed and surprising the whole city. He imperceptibly brought to their homes toys and warm clothes for children, medicines for the sick. One day the young man did not succeed in concealing his good deeds. The citizens tracked Nicholas and were surprised that this shy guy had such a sincere heart. For his merciful deeds, they later elected him as a bishop. And in 325 Nicholas visited the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea. The church canonized Nicholas after his death. Nowadays many families pray to this saint in sorrow and joy.

St. Nicholas as a patron

First of all, Nicholas is the patron of all children. They love to get presents each year on St. Nicholas Day. But the main thing is that they learn to be good to peopleThe saint also takes care of warriors, travelers, drivers and helps the poor. The saint is considered to be a patron of traders, sailors, archers, and students.

Saint Nicholas day in Ukraine - traditions and gifts

St. Nicholas, or Nicholas the Wonder-worker visits the houses where children live on the night of December, 18 to 19. He awards them for their behavior in the expiring year. If the child behaved, Nicholas puts under his pillow some sweets or gifts, named "Mykolajchiky". If a child misbehaved then he finds a rod, reminding that disobedience should be also rewarded. A great thing is that this tradition with a long history is still kept in many Ukrainian families.

You have a wonderful opportunity to congratulate Ukrainian ladies on this day. You can tell all the most important words online to your Ukrainian girl. If you still not found your mate, look at our catalog of gorgeous Slavic Women and just start a conversation. Even if this Saint is not a patron of those in love, we know what wonder he made for the three sisters! We wish you a lot of joy on the day and many little wonders in your everyday life!

saint nicholas day in ukraine


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