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Romance Guide: Mykolaiv

Romance Guide: Mykolaiv. romance-guide-nikolaev-4V7.jpg

It is no secret that the head office of the Slavic Girl Marriage Agency is situated in the southern part of Ukraine in a city called Mykolaiv (Nikolaev in Russian transcription). Have you heard that the second name of it is “the city of beauties”? If no, I invite you to get acquainted with this remarkable city.

city of brides

Historical background of the Nikolaev

In ancient times the major trade routes were crossing the region of modern Mykolaiv. When the duke Potiomkin discovered this strategically vital territory, he decided to found a city here. The name of the city was given by Saint Nicholas who was the patron of travelers and traders. Mykolaiv became an important shipbuilding knot and many workers came here from the distant corners of the country. As most of them were bachelors, the government ordered to bring women here to boost the development and settlement of the region. Hundreds of young unmarried women were brought to Mykolaiv and created families with the locals.

City of Brides - Nikolaev

Present days

Unfortunately, the great shipbuilding plants are mostly closed nowadays as they lose foreign investments. The area is specializing in agriculture and IT technologies. Besides, many US hosting companies have their head offices here. And still, they say that modern Mykolaiv is a city where the biggest number of beautiful ladies in Ukraine live. If you don’t believe it, I invite you to come and make sure yourself :)

Nikolaev - City of Brides - City of Romance 

People say that Mykolaiv has a wonderfully calm life pace and a great atmosphere for romantic walks by the river and evenings in the cafes. It is very green in summer and magically golden red in autumn. If you ever decide to come to Mykolaiv to meet a lady, the following information about the interesting places to visit will be useful for you. In Mykolaiv you will find brunettes girls or blonde girls, girls with long hair. Feel free to start Ukrainian Dating online with ladies from Nikolaev!

The best Zoo in Ukraine

Even if a lady has already been to the zoo a dozen times, she will not refuse to visit it once more) The territory is big and numerous attractions are available. Every season they bring some new animals and develop new areas for inhabitants. A vast number of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and rodents will amaze you by their behavior and fancy look. Of course, the most interesting period is when spring comes and many animals and birds like pink flamingos begin the courtship. Sometimes there are even small bears, hippos and tigers born in our zoo! If you know that Ukrainian lady loves fluffy cuties, then this place is a wonderful idea for a date with her :)

Romantic evening in a theater

Mykolaiv is a city where every person loving cultural events may find some attraction. Symphonic orchestra concerts, theater plays, jazz band performances, national dance festivals, social dance shows, and many others. If you decide to spend an evening with your lady and to please your taste for beauty, I suggest you choose one of our drama theaters to visit. Mykolayiv Academic Russian Drama Theater is a temple where one of the oldest Ukrainian theater collectives pleases the viewers since 1934. The second one - Ukrainian Academic Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy is a place where you may see the performances based on Ukrainian national plays and novels. An evening in a theater will never leave you and your lady indifferent.

Yacht trip for two

Although the era of shipbuilding in the region has already passed, Mykolaiv is still a wonderful place for yachtsmen. A peaceful harbor and ideal conditions for training attract many people from the region to go yachting, kayaking, sailing, and kite surfing. An ideal romance date is to take your Ukraine lady for a yacht trip for two. Fruits, champagne, and different appetizers will make it even more pleasant. If you do not like an idea of a yacht trip, you may invite your beautiful Ukrainian Girl for a romantic boat trip with jazz or violin performers on board. These boats are doing trips from the seafront where the main street ends.

City of Brides

Quite walk in the city center of Nikolaev

If you just came and haven’t seen much of the city yet, a good idea for a date is to walk in the city center. The main street of Mykolaiv is the longest pedestrian street in Ukraine. The main shops, restaurants, night clubs, and galleries are situated there. You may find a place according to your taste.

If you need assistance with restaurant booking, buying the theater or concert tickets don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to make your dates romantic and unforgettable! Chat with your girl online about the dates that are suited for you both and do not hesitate to book your trip!


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