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Ukraine Public Holidays and Observances 2021. public-holidays-in-ukraine-lS1.jpg
11.08.2021 10:57

Ukraine Public Holidays and Observances 2021

  Surely, that is easier to plan your romantic vacations when you are familiar with the calendar of public holidays in the country. If you visit Ukraine
Great news on Easter 2019!. great-news-on-easter-2019-TTd.jpg
27.04.2019 15:56

Great news on Easter 2019!

Get to know how Ukrainians celebrate Easter and use a special Easter offer!
Orthodox Christmas is coming!. orthodox-christmas-is-coming-1w1.jpg
05.01.2019 18:02

Orthodox Christmas is coming!

Have you heard that Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated in January?
Merry Christmas!. merry-christmas-g7u.jpg
25.12.2018 10:42

Merry Christmas!

Find out about wonderful Christmas presents Ukrainian ladies prepared for you!
St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine. st-nicolas-day-in-ukraine-7G6.jpg
18.12.2018 22:17

St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine

Do not miss information about the important Ukrainian winter holiday!
Day of Ivana Kupala in Ukraine. day-of-ivana-kupala-in-ukraine-6va.jpg
07.07.2018 12:57

Day of Ivana Kupala in Ukraine

Ivana Kupala Day Celebration Celebrating the day of Ivana Kupala is one of the ancient Ukrainian traditions. It has its origin in pagan times but is
Trinity Celebrations in Ukraine. trinity-celebrations-in-ukraine-3Wg.jpg
28.05.2018 19:28

Trinity Celebrations in Ukraine

It’s hard to overestimate the meaning of the Trinity for Christians. Its traditions are kept since ancient times. Orthodox and Western Christians
Tatiana Day in Ukraine - Greet Tatyanas on their name-day!. greet-tatyanas-on-their-name-day-BQ7.jpg
25.01.2018 09:02

Tatiana Day in Ukraine - Greet Tatyanas on their name-day!

Every year in January, 25 Ukrainian girls celebrate Tatyana’s Day. On this day the Orthodox Church commemorates the holy martyr Tatiana. We
St. Nicholas day — time for miracles to come!. stnicholas-day--time-for-miracles-to-come-fT9.jpg
19.12.2017 17:41

St. Nicholas day — time for miracles to come!

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in Ukraine every year on December 19. Did you write to St. Nicholas a letter already? So what exactly did you ask for this