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John (Great Britain) and Ludmila. ludmila-and-john-united-kingdom-9e3.jpg

It happens that love comes after a number of trials and errors. But this love story is different.

Ludmila was striving to get new acquaintances when she came to SlavicGirl dating agency. She understood that she has to be ready for some changes in her life. And the changes didn’t make her wait :)

John was the first man to come and see her after she started using the agency services. Little they both knew that one single meeting may change their lives completely. When they saw each other both understood: this is it!

John was a very proactive man and he made his mind fast. Ludmila happily agreed to John's proposal. The reason was not that she had no other choice, but because they matched each other perfectly!

John was initially searching for a lady from Ukraine with intention to stay in this country. And now he and Ludmila are happily living in Odesa – the city not far from Mykolaiv.