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Does age difference matter?

Does age difference matter?. does-age-difference-matter-3mp.jpg

Youth is always associated with wonderful health, blossoming beauty, and an active lifestyle. It’s no wonder that these features attract men to disregarding their age. If you plan to bind your life with a wonderful young lady from another country, the cultural difference may be quite a task. If she is additionally much younger than you are, the obstacle may appear to be insurmountable. We would like to give a view on those difficulties that men usually meet when choosing to date a Ukrainian lady of a much younger age.

Generation gap

When it goes to marriage, romantic expectations of a couple with a huge age difference may break. Firstly, let’s define what age difference is meant here as ”huge”. The rich experience of the Slavic Women Dating Agency team shows that a gap of more than 15-18 years may lead to interpersonal conflicts and failed expectations in family life. Modern life pace is so fast that every 10 years customers’ needs change and markets must fit them. This is largely true about the life of people of different ages. To be together you need to understand very well what are the needs and desires of people of a certain age.

Raising small kids... again??

You may have raised several children of your own and already enjoy being a grandfather. You love to spend evenings talking about country policy and currency rate with your grown-up child... At the same time, the lady who is 15-25 years younger than you is still definitely willing to experience her motherhood. She may also have her own small child of 5-7 years old from the previous marriage. Be sincere with yourself: do you have enough desire, strength, and patience to face it all from the very beginning?

what is the best age difference for marriage

Are your life expectations the same?

If you spent the whole life living on your own and have no children, it would be hard for you to understand a lady with kids. Ukrainian women are mostly very family-oriented. Even if a lady already has teenage or grown-up children, she will want to contact and to support them all the time. Moreover, you choose a much younger lady, she may appear to be emotionally immature. In this case, you will have to play a double role of her father and of her partner at the same time. Be sincere with yourself whether you are ready for this. Keep in mind that girls from big cities: like girls from Kiev, girls from Odessa may be more demanding of their chosen one than ladies from small towns: like girls from Nikolaev, or girls from Kherson.

Every cloud has a silver lining

In conclusion, but not to offend anybody, let us give you a piece of advice. If you are really into a lady of a much younger age, ask her about her family. The story of her childhood and relations with her parents will give you a view of how she imagines her future relationship with her husband. Due to 20 years of experience with the Slavic Girl dating agency, all the aspects mentioned here are true for most couples. Surely, exceptions happen (and our agency witnessed such cases!) and you might be the one to break the rule! But from the very beginning of your search, I would recommend you to consider the ladies no younger than 15-18 years than you are. This will most likely lead to a “happily ever after” in your life :) In every case, follow your heart and be wise in your choice! :) And let the love stories of our clients inspire you!

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