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About myself
I am energetic and optimistic person. People close to me can always expect my support. I am ready to provide my shoulder to the one in need. I am compassionate and kind. In any situation I can find positive moments. For my beloved man I will be a muse. I will motivate him to achieve new goals and to be stronger every day. I like to inspire and create the right atmosphere. My future soulmate will have the wings and fly above sky without fail. I always go ahead, never step back when it comes to my goals.
About him
I am looking for a determined and fearless man. In my opinion, attention and care sometimes are they very important in relations. I would like to share common interests and enjoy time together. At the same time we should respect personal space of each other. I want my partner to concede my wishes occasionally. In my life perspective a man is decision maker. I am convinced that a good wife makes a good husband. To be quite honest, a real gentleman who knows how to court a woman is my weakness)