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About myself
I am a sunny soul with a strong character. Devoted, creative, loving and kind. Like a bird Phoenix rises from the ashes after every failure. I am humane and not capricious. With me you’ll be able to walk through any blows of destiny. I am courageous and sometimes harsh but people who know me closer realise in a while there is no better friend than me as I am dedicated and faithful.
My favourite place is Israel. Loved it from the first sight. Have been there twice already. I enjoy acting at the theatre. Have my own little theatre that gives performances at schools and kindergartens. In acting I am like a fish in the water. Jazz is my weakness too. A glass of wine over jazz music, - that is how I enjoy spending my evening. All I lack are two hands of a loving man who has no bad habits!!
About him
A positive, gentle man, with honest intentions and no bad habits that can hurt the second half and bring to despair and quarrels. One who doesn’t notice age and looks into every day as into a new discovery we will make together. Light-hearted and sympathetic.