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Stefano (Italy) and Lubov. lubov-and-stefano-italy-ahd.jpg

Every love story is truly special and beautiful. And this one is not an exception! :)

Stefano liked Lyubov’s profile and started the communication in 2017. He was very initiative and wrote a couple of letters which made the woman got interested in him, too. After this, they started communicating by mail. After two months the man had suddenly disappeared. No one could understand why he stopped mailing to Lyubov. And she was very upset because really liked this man and thought they match each other...

Almost a year had gone by, and the spring 2018 brought Lyubov the new letter from Stefano. He asked her whether she is ready to communicate again. She thought a little and agreed to continue their texting and mailing. In two months he came to Mykolaiv. Stefano and Lyubov had a meeting with an interpreter. They found common language almost immediately, despite Lyubov didn’t know Italian and Stefano couldn’t speak Russian, and both of them didn’t speak English at all! After this, Stefano had been staying in Mykolaiv for one week. And the woman introduced her Italian friend to her family. As soon as her son finished his first form here, Lyubov was invited to move to her beloved to Italy.

In a couple of months Stefano prepared all necessary documents and the couple said "I do" in January 2019 in Italy. It was the double holiday for them because it was also the day of Lyubov’s birthday. Stefano’s family hosted Lyubov and her son very warmly.

This is truly a story of love which can break all language barriers!