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Alexandra is a smart proactive and goal-oriented lady. She has got a degree in programming, spoke English fluently, so, her next step was to learn French. She was highly involved in a search of a life partner. The lady used every chance to get acquainted with a decent man and didn’t refuse to go on dates. She considered that “you only know your destiny when you meet him!)

Jerome was one of the men Alexandra got acquainted with. He is a programmer as well, and understood at once that they have a lot in common. Young people exchanged contact information to keep in touch after the meeting as both felt comfortable about it.

Alexandra is a bit secretive woman, so most of the details remained a mystery for SlavicGirl team. For the same reason we don't post her espousal photos here. We know that two months later Jerome was going to visit Ukraine again and after all he proposed to Alexandra.

funny fact about the couple:

Alexandra loved photography and wanted to teach her husband to make great photos. But he often did snapshots of people with some body parts cut on the edge))


Besides, do you know that Ukrainian girls are remarkably attractive?