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If you plan to come to Ukraine but don't know how to use your vacation effectively, we will be glad to offer you our assistance!

We recommend you to decide on the list of the ladies beforehand and inform us about the free time you have got for your trip. This will help us to meet your expectations and make your stay as pleasant as it can be with our professional help.

What will you get?

  • We will create a most effective schedule personally for you so you could visit all the ladies and get to know them.
  • We will organize a transfer from and to the airport so you wouldn't bother yourself.
  • We will book your accommodation in Nikolaev to make your stay comfortable.
  • We will recommend you on the cozy restaurants in the city center and by the river.
  • We will assist you with buying presents and flowers for the ladies and provide you with additional services on your request.
  • We will provide you with an interpreter's service if required. Our specialists have a rich experience of interpreting English, German, Italian and French. They will help you and the lady to feel at ease and avoid possible misunderstandings during your conversation.

Make your trip unforgettable by having it planned by our team beforehand!


To get a personalized service, please contact us.

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