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Pascal (France) and Yana. yana-and-pascal-france-8N7.jpg


At the very beginning Yana’s story of searching for love was not very exciting one. It often appears that only one person is meant to be with you, only one person fits you best. And you should search for this one and only not agreeing on something less.

Yana and Pascal got acquainted 3,5 years ago with the help of the SlavicGirl dating agency. The lady needed to be cared about, and she found a man who was ready to gift his love and tenderness to her. Pascal visited Mykolaiv five times before he decided to legitimize his relationship with Yana. They had a wonderful ceremony which was celebrated by the whole SlavicGirl dating agency team. Yana and Pascal were so overloaded with love to each other! They just couldn’t hold the words of gratitude to our team which made their happiness real. On their special day Yana and Pascal decided to share their emotions with those who are still searching for a special person to spend the rest of their life with. Enjoy the video made for our happy couple  :) They also decided to leave a video-testimonial for our team!

Yana also visited France to get acquainted with Pascal’s relatives once. Since then she sent presents to his mother, brother and two nephews to show them that she cares. Yana’s own family was not so big, so these new people in her life became dear to her. They gave her a feeling of unity which is very important for every Ukrainian lady, but was unfamiliar to her.

Yana’s son quickly found a common language with mother’s life-partner. Despite not having his own kids, Pascal gets on well with the boy, they spend a lot of time together and play computer games – a pastime which may definitely unite all men! :)

This autumn Yana had her biometric passport done. She and her son try to learn French. They soon plan to move to France to be together with their new family.