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Todd and Victoria (USA). todd-and-victoria-usa-87T.jpg

Single friends and relatives of the SlavicGirl dating agency staff know how professional our team is. Therefore, they often use our services in their search for love. The following love story is something we are proud of)

Victoria and Elena - the owner of the SlavicGirl dating agency – have known each other from childhood. Many years of strong friendship united these ladies. Elena even became a godmother of Victoria’s daughter! It’s no wonder that in her search for a life partner Victoria turned to her nearest person.

When the pure desire is combined with a professional help, real miracles happen. After just 4 months Victoria had an engagement ring she got from a man she met on the site. The happy espousal of Todd and Victoria is an example of an excellent work of our team. Nowadays they already raise several common children and keep the friendly ties with Elena and the SlavicGirl dating agency.

We are proud to make our close people happy and wish our amazing couple from USA many wonderful years together!


UPD: in 2021 Todd and Victoria sent us an amazing video testimonial on how their relationship became stronger within these years. Watch here!