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Phillip (France) and Tatiana. tatiana-and-phillip-france-qLR.jpg

Phillip and Tatiana had a long correspondence on the site. And it’s no wonder that he got interested in the lady – as any Ukrainian woman she is a wonderful and all-round educated interlocutor! Tatiana is very creative, easy-going and wrote wonderful letters expressing her thoughts on different questions. She was very interested to find her love soon and got Phillip’s attention.

Phillip is a hot-blooded person and knows exactly what he wants from life. When he traveled to Ukraine to meet Tatiana he immediately understood that she is the one. Knowing no other language except some English, the couple decided to go without the interpreter’s assistance. What other language is needed for two people in love? ;)

Despite the height difference and language barrier the couple started planning espousal and discussing the details soon after they first met. Tatiana’s son of 21 years old approved his mother’s choice and gave her full support on the way to happiness. Anyways, he decided to stay in Ukraine when Tatiana moved to France to start the new chapter of her life.

Such, roughly, end many meetings of men with Ukrainian women when they decide to get acquainted in real life. If you still have any doubts, just give it a try! You never know what happens until you actually make the first step! :)

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