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Beat (Switzerland/Latvia) and Svetlana. svetlana-and-beat-switzerlandlatvia-r2G.jpg

This love story proves that love has no age and when you are retired, you can start enjoying a new life and new love! 
Back in 2018 Beat, the citizen of Switzerland was in the process of retiring and moving to Latvia where he bought a nice house when he started writing to Svetlana. He speaks German and Svetlana didn’t know a word in German. But with the help of the SlavicGirl agency translators, she was able to express her feelings and thoughts to Beat and was eager to answer his letters in detail. Beat was a widower and missed the loving and loyal woman in his life.

After several months of correspondence, he felt it was high time to go and meet Svetlana in real life. They spent a wonderful week together, at first talking to each other with the help of an interpreter, then understanding each other with random English words and gestures. After that week their decision was clear -  they both wanted to develop relationships with each other.

Svetlana supported Beat’s plan to move to Latvia as the Russian language was common there and she would be ok in that country even without learning foreign languages. Svetlana has a teenage daughter, and Beat understood Svetlana’s responsibilities and was ready to care about the girl. Beat’s children were all grown-ups and lived with their own families in Switzerland. 
Beat and Svetlana kept visiting each other again and again, sometimes Beat stayed for a month in Ukraine as he was not working anymore. Due to COVID -19 quarantine which broke the rhythm of their visits Svetlana was not able to enter Latvia anymore. Nevertheless Beat took the initiative into his hands and prepared all necessary papers for marriage, flew to Ukraine.

Now Beat and Svetlana are officially married! May their family life be happy and blessed!