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Lionel (France) and Olga. olga-and-lionel-france-A2G.jpg

We can’t stop admiring how determined many men are! When they decide to search for a woman, they know exactly what kind of person should she be. Men don’t bother themselves thinking about small unimportant details. Every person is a complex of strengths and weaknesses. We can’t just cancel any options according to our liking)

Lionel kept a correspondence with Olga from Mykolaiv for some time. Then he came to visit her and understood immediately that she was the one! No further searches are necessary when you match each other like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle! ;) Olga has a child who was in early teens by the time she met Lionel. The man was OK about becoming a father :)

Lionel speaks French and English, but Olga knew only basic English by that time. Though, it was enough for the period of getting to know each other)) Olga has visited Lionel in France several times after their first meeting. We are sure that these days her English (or French?) is much better after the couple got espoused in France in April 2015))

Enjoy the wonderful photos of the happy couple!