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John (USA) and Olga. olga-and-john-usa-VmC.jpg

When Olga came to the SlavicGirl marriage agency in August 2016, she almost immediately met John. And they started off communication via letters on the site.

Olga and John communicated daily throughout John’s stay in Nikolaev. Olga is communicative, kindhearted, caring and nice. She didn’t know English at all, but the two people found common language almost immediately. John even gave her a couple of English lessons himself!

Olga is a mother of two children. The strong emotions transformed her into a slimmer and prettier lady, she dyed her hair and lost weight, she started to look younger! Love makes women gorgeous indeed :)

Interesting fact about the couple:

Once, when John came to Nikolaev, he caught cold and felt bad. Olga didn’t leave him and took possible care of him, buying him meals and medicine.

John came to Ukraine several times more. He is active, lively, traveled with Olga a lot. He even went to Kyiv together with her for a K1 visa interview! Support is always important in a relationship. Moreover, it makes the visa process easier.

John and Olga happily tied the knot in July 2018. This couple taught us that in relations you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss all details beforehand. Everything can be solved, just speak directly!