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Johan (Sweden) and Natalia. natalia-and-johan-sweden-h5E.jpg

Natalia is a bright, proactive, decisive, adventurous, determined and positive person. She likes life and lives it to the fullest. In her search for a life partner she turned to the SlavicGirl dating agency.

Among many men interested in her personality she chose the one to concentrate her attention on. Johan is calm, decisive, kindhearted, sincere and modest. They say that different people tend to choose each other as their life partners. :) Natalia communicated with him on the site for some time. Then the man decided to come to Mykolaiv for a personal meeting with her.

Natalia speaks English well, so she communicated with Johan without an interpreter after a short acquaintance. They liked each other, and spent many hours talking about their lives and interests. When Johan was about to set off back home, Natalia accompanied the man to Kyiv to be with him until his flight to Sweden.

After several other meetings in Ukraine and Sweden Johan understood that he can’t imagine his life without Natalia. He asked her to become his espouse and to move to Sweden, and she agreed! They got espoused soon and already raise a common child now :)