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Aristide (France) and Nadezhda. nadezhda-and-aristide-france-1H7.jpg

Two people had almost no age difference and a lot of common interests. Neither Nadezhda, nor Aristide spoke English well. But the true desire to become closer motivated them highly to learn the foreign language!

Nadezhda and Aristide liked each other at once. They communicated for a while and traveled to each other’s countries to check mutual feelings.

Nadezhda and Aristide tied the knot in Mykolaiv (Ukraine) and even had a lovely white nuptial ceremony! They say that people’s souls are united in heaven after they go through a white ceremony in a church… Isn’t it a proof of a true love? :)

Nadezhda had a lovely daughter from her previous nuptial. Aristide was happy to help the girl relocate to France. For now happy couple raises a nice common daughter. Nadezhda calls their lovely kid by a funny pet-name – Caramel. :)

Interesting fact about the couple:

Aristide loved Nadezhda so much that he even paid a necessary fee to take lady’s pussycat to France to live with them!