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Martin (Switzerland) and Elena. elena-and-martin-switzerland-3d1.jpg

When the true love comes into your life, all the barriers fade. Language and culture differences no more seem important if you feel comfortable together. The following love story perfectly proves this.

Elena used to live in a small town near the Mykolaiv city. She was truly willing to find her beloved soon. She is kind and housewifely as well as most Ukrainian women. Her personality helped her win Martin’s heart when he arrived to Mykolaiv after a short correspondence on the site.

You would be amazed to find out that neither Martin knew Russian, nor Elena spoke Swiss. Just imagine that they needed only 2 hours with interpreter to understand that the sparkle between them is enough to create a common language. So, in Martin’s next visit to Ukraine they got espoused.

Getting the visa was the last barrier on the way to happily-ever-after but remember that true love conquers all! In 2014 Elena and Martin bore a wonderful child and as far as we know, they still live in love and happiness together.

An interesting fact about this couple:

Elena loves livestock very much. Considering this Martin has bought 3 goats for her to rejoice. As far as we know, she keeps them in their house in Switzerland :)

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