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Patrice (France) and Anna. anna-and-patrice-france-i66.jpg

Life sometimes gives us unexpected presents. And the most pleasant is when this gift is love) Patrice has come to Ukraine to see a lady he found on the site and was thinking to develop relationship with. Unfortunately, this was not a story with happily-ever-after... but became a wonderful beginning of another one!)

Anna came to the SlavicGirl dating agency in search for a partner to spend the rest of her life with. She wasn’t the type of lady Patrice was attracted to. Anyway, the agency manager suggested him to date Anna, as we all knew what a wonderful person she was. Just imagine how happy we were to find out that Patrice fell in love with Anna! She visited him in France several times and in the end they got espoused.

Do not refuse life gifts even if you have some ready-made plan for yourself. And never say never! ;)