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Adam (Canada) and Alla. alla-and-adam-canada-6Wr.jpg

Alla was searching for her destiny for several years since 2010. She was a single mother and had to provide for her daughter and herself. Therefore, she worked long hours. But she was open for new acquaintances and ready to change her life.

In 2013 she was contacted by an outstanding man of Scottish origin from Canada. Alla met Adam in Kyiv where she had worked at that period of her life. The couple had not much correspondence before their meeting, but they liked each other. The strong desire to get acquainted with a potential life partner made Adam be active and come soon. He had experienced a painful divorce before that and was careful with his feelings and didn’t want to rush things. He knew that despite his painful experience life goes on, and he had to open the next chapter of this book to forget the previous one.

Adam visited Alla multiple times, they traveled together a lot. In 2016 he finally made his mind and proposed to Alla. Of course, she gladly said “yes”! The couple applied for a fiancee visa several times, and the process was long. Finally, in 2017 Alla and Adam have officially registered their nuptial!