The 229th anniversary of Nikolaev!

The 229th anniversary of Nikolaev!. the-229th-anniversary-of-nikolaev-sWx.jpg

Nikolaev City Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of September since 1789. This year September 9th is already the 229th anniversary of our lovely city!

What is planned?

The day will gladden the citizens by a festival on the water "Nikolaev River Fest 2018";

a projection show on the water and two regattas;

a festival of classical music "Elite Fest" in the courtyard of the city council;

a concert by famous musician Pianoboy, a world-known band “Zdob si Zdoub” and Rhythmmen drum show

and parties of several social dance clubs.

Parade of brides

As usually, a traditional parade of brides will be held in Nikolaev. Every year dozens of couples arrange their weddings on the city day to be able to participate in a festive event and be congratulated by a city mayor personally. It is always a bright and stunning event for which brides choose extraordinary gowns.

If you ever have a chance to visit Nikolaev on city day, be sure to have a good company to attend festive events!


More interesting facts

You will be definitely excited to know

- why our city is named “the city of brides” (click and scroll to the page bottom)

- the best romantic ideas of spending time in Nikolaev


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