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How to Support Ukraine. how-to-support-ukraine-c65.jpg
02.03.2022 22:35

How to Support Ukraine

Dear Customers, We thank you for your concern about Ukraine and its citizens that you expressed to us during the last week of an open war conflict
Eternal Love Luigi Peduto and Mokryna Yurzuk. eternal-love-luigi-peduto-and-mokryna-yurzuk-7v4.jpg
26.01.2022 17:30

Eternal Love Luigi Peduto and Mokryna Yurzuk

Monument to Eternal Love Luigi Peduto & Mokryna Yurzuk — An Italian-Ukrainian Love Story      Romeo & Juliet
Halloween greetings and special offer! :). halloween-greetings-from-slavicgirl-team-8kq.jpg
31.10.2021 21:09

Halloween greetings and special offer! :)

Dear customers! We greet you on Halloween and gift you a special present! Our mission is to boost the number of [creepy] happy people on Earth. That
Celebrate our birthday with discounts!. celebrate-our-birthday-with-discounts-4tn.jpg
12.04.2021 08:20

Celebrate our birthday with discounts!

  ❤ On April, 14 we celebrate our 21st birthday! ❤ For already 21 years we have been successful in uniting people for life! We are
Proud of our achievements in 2020!. proud-of-our-achievements-in-2020-86X.jpg
08.01.2021 11:17

Proud of our achievements in 2020!

Let's say farewell to 2020 together! That was a weird year but still worth living it. Read our reasons for being thankful for it!
Entering Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemia. entering-ukraine-during-covid-19-pandemia-fjQ.jpg
08.11.2020 14:35

Entering Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemia

It is still possible to travel to Ukraine in spite of some quarantine rules! Detailed guidance note for those who arrive at the Ukrainian airports and
Travel restrictions are out of date!. travel-restrictions-are-out-of-date-D76.jpg
02.10.2020 14:27

Travel restrictions are out of date!

Ukrainian borders are open for travelers again! Follow simple instructions for a safe and comfortable trip!
Good news about traveling to Ukraine!. good-news-about-traveling-to-ukraine-15a.jpg
12.08.2020 12:20

Good news about traveling to Ukraine!

Our clients share useful links and different tips for arriving in Ukraine under new circumstances caused by the current epidemic situation!
Ukrainian borders are open again!. ukrainian-borders-are-open-again-TU7.jpg
16.06.2020 16:46

Ukrainian borders are open again!

You still have time to enjoy new possibilities for summer rest in Ukraine;) Borders are open!
Happy 20th birthday, SlavicGirl!!!. happy-20th-birthday-slavicgirl-yV9.jpg
14.04.2020 08:06

Happy 20th birthday, SlavicGirl!!!

On the 20th birthday of Slavyanka international dating agency, we ask its director about the goals of its foundation, difficulties, and inspiration. You