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Qualities of a lady you should never let go. Part 2. qualities-of-a-lady-you-should-never-let-go-part-2-y5o.jpg

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5. Her life is more or less good without you

Have you met a woman whose life is good, and she is still interested in you? If yes, her intentions are sincere - you attract her as a person.

We all need a person to turn for help to, to get support from time to time. Although, relationships should be based on more than this kind of need. The woman we are talking about is different. She does not search for a savior and a problem-solver. She can solve her difficulties herself, with some assistance if you feel like providing it.

6. She really cares about you

If you meet a woman who shows care by her actions while not yet being in a relationship with you, you should definitely give her a chance!

If in a relationship you become even more important to her, then you are a very happy guy! It means a lot. This lady does have the same strong feelings for you as you do for her, she does care about your life.

7. She is able to take initiative 

You definitely would not want to date a woman who shifts all the work on her partner while she does nothing. Such a habit can be annoying, and in an intimate life as well.

A woman, who takes the initiative, kindles a man’s interest. She is ready to show herself in any aspect of your relationship. This brings something new to the life of both partners and helps the feelings flourish.

8. This woman appreciates you

This woman does not impose some specific rules of conduct. She does not play games to make you change. She appreciates you for who you already are and sincerely supports you in everything you aspire to. It is very important. If it is so, a relationship with you is something special for her!

In conclusion

Before you establish a serious relationship with a woman, make sure that you both are comfortable with the way you live. If you don’t like something at the stage of your acquaintance, you will continue to raise this question. So make sure you met that special person!

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