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Qualities of a lady you should never let go. Part 1. qualities-of-a-lady-you-should-never-let-go-part-1-w6u.jpg

Trying to choose a girl for marriage one may understand that finding a person who would be an ideal partner for family life is quite challenging. Though, knowing some points that distinguish a good aspirant for your heart may help a lot. We gathered 16 best qualities in a woman you should pay attention to when choosing a perfect wife.

1. She is able to take the first step

You will certainly notice this. She is not afraid of asking you out or writing a message first... But, of course, do not expect her to do everything, because the relationship is a two-way road.

If you meet a lady who does not believe in the stereotype that the initiative should always and exclusively come from a man, try not to miss her.

This lady knows that the world does not revolve around her. She understands that taking care of relationship development is a task for two.

2. She trusts you

Such a lady leaves decision-making for her man. She respects herself, which is why she will wait until a man explains everything himself... or doesn’t explain if he likes. Do you know what they say? If there is no trust, there is no love. Before trying to build a family, make sure the lady trusts you.

3. She is self-sufficient

Finding the second half is not the only life goal of such a lady. She loves and enjoys her life including her friends, family, and work. This woman wants a man to become a part of her life, not the whole world. This is an independent woman who understands how to set priorities in life.

If you try to win over a lady who is only eager to get married and neglects other areas of life completely, then this bond may soon turn into something unhealthy. Why? She will be afraid of losing you too much. This is an addiction, not love.

4. She simply wants to be with you

This is a sensible and mature lady. She won’t date a man solely for his money or other benefits. She desires to be with you as she loves you. This woman does not tell the man how he should change for her, she appreciates him for who he is.

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