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6 new happy couples in July!. 6-new-happy-couples-in-july-5yF.jpg

Summer is time for sunshine, love, crops, the seaside, and enjoying life. We are used to getting pleasant news from our clients in summer and invitations to their nuptials. But this July was outstanding! We got 6 couples who made a match or engaged during the month! Some of them already sent their nuptial photos, love stories, and videos to us, some promised to do it soon. Anyway, we registered a new record!

6 love stories mean that 12 people became happier!

Our agency is proud to help to change our world for the better. ;) And of course, our best wishes and warmest thoughts to all our newlyweds! We believe that all people deserve love so we keep working on uniting people!

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P.S. Any ideas of where to hang the new photos on this wall?))))