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Travis (North Carolina) and Tatiana. tatiana-and-travis-north-carolina-66Z.jpg

She is calm, balanced and positive. He is cheerful, lively, reliable, and decisive. Aren’t they a great match? :)
Tatiana was in search for about 5 years. She had communication with different men but she was hoping to find a strong decisive man who will not ask her to wait for years till he is ready to create a family.

Tatiana and Travis met each other in November 2019. Travis was in Ukraine looking for a wife and his date with Tatiana was the one that changed his life and stopped his search for the wife. In spite of the language barrier (Travis doesn’t know Russian and Tatiana’s English is poor), they managed to develop lively communication by Skype after their meeting in real life.

After 2 months of communication, Travis made a proposal… on Skype! Tatiana was impressed by his confidence and ability to make serious decisions. That was the man of her dreams! So she deleted her profile from the marriage agency and paid full attention to developing relationships with Travis. 
Travis is the man of the word, so he came to Tatiana in January with a wedding ring in his hands

They plan to get married in the USA and the fiancée visa needs time. So, in meantime, Travis keeps coming to Ukraine and as he is lucky to be able to work from the home office, he has already been staying in Ukraine for months. And Tatiana was introduced to his family by Skype. Travis’ mother appeared to be a nice lady who supported the choice of her son! 

We are looking forward to the American wedding ceremony of this couple. Stay happy and lucky for years! :)