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Jean Claude (France) and Inna. great-marriages-are-built-on-true-friendship-MnB.jpg

All the stories of successful couples differ. Some ignite from one single sparkle, others require much time. Paraphrasing the famous saying - so many couples, so many love stories) And this was definitely one of them.

By the moment Inna and Jean Claude met, they both had experience behind their shoulders. Their love story didn't begin suddenly. This was a considerate decision supported by numerous meetings. First came friendship, then a bigger feeling of mutual respect and understanding. It is always great when you become close to your partner in various aspects of life before making the vital decision.

Inna and Jean Claude decided to get espoused after 1,5 years of online dating and traveling to each other countries. Their experience helped them to build a tight-knit family with supportive and caring relationship. Nowadays they happily live together in France.