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Manfred (Germany) and Victoria. victoria-and-manfred-germany-636.jpg

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful lady Victoria. Her prince Manfred has found her profile on the site and started to write to her. Of course, he didn’t know that Victoria was his only lady from the very beginning! For about a year he waited for opportunity to visit Victoria and meet her in real life. First, his job didn’t give him a chance to make this trip quickly, then Victoria’s job kept her too busy. But, nevertheless, their hearts’ magnet kept them wishing this meeting, sooner or later.

At last, the moment of the first meeting came. It was summer time, warm and sunny day. Victoria and Manfred understood that they both were intelligent, decent people and they could make each others life better! That is amazing – Victoria didn’t speak German, Manfred didn’t speak any Russian but that was not an obstacle for them! They used the help of agency’s interpreter for 2 days and then came to the point when words were not important anymore. So, in the following 5 days they invited interpreter only for discussing some serious questions. Manfred understood that Victoria was his choice and he was eager to make any other steps to make this relationships work. Victoria had the same positive attitude. Manfred paid for her German language course and went back to his country.

They started to communicate directly. Every night they called each other with the help of Skype. Even without speaking the same language, they were able to communicate and develop true understanding of each other. Word by word Victoria learned German and Manfred was patient and supportive. Then it was Victoria’s turn to come to Manfred. She got acquainted with his 2 kids and they accepted her in a friendly way. For 3 years they came to each other, spent time, weekends, vacations together. And, at last, they were both ready to show the whole world they have chosen each other, and the couple tied the knot!

Manfred is cheerful, open and friendly. He was very helpful and supportive. Victoria was happy to get his care and attention. She mentioned that it was the attitude of the real man. Victoria wanted to find a great man and give him her love and care as well. So, they are perfect parts of one puzzle! ;)

In conclusion

On June, 17th 2019 Victoria and Manfred visited SlavicGirl agency office to celebrate their happy love story with champagne and the people who made this happiness come true! They also left a feedback for all the men and ladies who still search for some courage before making the first step towards the love of their life!