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About myself
I am happy with my family, friends and my job. The only thing I need is a man who I can share my happiness with. Together we have to be happier than alone. It is actually my main criteria.
I am a balanced person and believe that people can find a solution in any situation by communication. No drama, no shouting but a good conversation with a cap of tea. Have you noticed that in many cases people talk but they don't hear each other. I believe that I can hear and if I don't understand something I can ask. I remember that we are not  mind readers. Also I remember that all people are different and in many cases I can't predict even my dearest's wishes or reactions. So for me communication, ability to hear and understand each other are a key for happy and balanced communication.
About him
I see by my side a clever, confident and spiritual man who is active and curious about new things.